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Wild | 3-2 Half Court Press

3-2 Zone Press Diagram

Diagrams and animation of the basic slides of Wild a 3-2 Half Court Zone press. The offensive players are stationary in the animation so you will likely want to adapt it to have the wings cover the middle of the zone.

Kansas Hi Post Play


Kansas Hi Post Play | quick and easy zone play that aims to catch the zone defense in between slides by utilizing the short corner, hi post area and quick passing.   View the animation for Kansas High Post Play

Man to Man Offense – Snake

man offense

Man to Man offense with a plethora of options for scoring the basketball.  If you have several players on your team that can score the ball this offense could be a good option.  It puts a lot of players in a lot of positions where they could utilize athleticism and individual skill to get buckets. Man […]

Chicago | Zone BLOB

zone baseline play

Chicago is a zone out of bounds play that overloads one side the baseline to get the ball to a big in a scoring area.   Download the PDF  for  Chicago | Zone Play and view the animation here

Man Baseline Play out of a Box Set

baseline out of bounds play in a box set diagram

Baseline Out of Bounds Play that is run out of a Box Set. Diagrams of Baseline Out of Bounds Play from Box Set | Animation  

Double Stack Play

double stack

Initial set is a double stack on the blocks with the bigs together on one side.  The 2 comes of a double screen on the baseline from the 4 & 5.  Point guard brings the ball to that wing.  If the 2 does not have a shot the 4 rubs off a screen set by […]

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