PSYCHO sports dad bites off a coach's ear after losing a Catholic Youth Organization championship game. What a complete nut job.......and needless to say lower.

Crazy sports Dad bites off a coach's ear

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Like Bob Bigelow said the biggest problem with youth sport is parents.
From psycho dad and psycho mom who bother players in the middle of a very complicated and focus demanding task (playing a game of any sport) with their relentless and inane comments and suggestions to super psycho dad in the article, the whole spectrum of what humanity should keep under the rug is unfortunately brought to light every weekend around the globe.
I often hear things during 13-14 years old games that makes me wonder whether the so called adult who uttered such words in public, in presence of children and directed at other children is in full control of his/her mental abilities and knows where he/she is.

I wouldn't get anywhere near coaching Mike Tyson's kids. :)

This is what is wrong with sports these days.  Parents need to remember their 10 year old child will not be the next Micheal Jordan, they need to let sports be a fun place and stop putting so much pressure on them.  A parent that mad about a middle school game is a danger to society.

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