Do I send resume when the job is not yet posted?

I am interested in a High School job that is rumored to be opening, but has not officially been posted as open yet.  It is a good idea to go ahead and send resume or at least send an interest letter? 

I have heard several ideas. One is that it can be a bad idea, because the administration may not quite be in the loop and it can cause some chaos by applying for a job that is not open.  

Another idea is that is can be effective because it shows more interest in the job and that most applicants are probably already considered before the job is even posted.  

Just wondering what everybody thinks about this process???

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Absolutely send your resume, and state in your cover letter about how you heard that the job is going to open, and show your interest in the job! Worst thing that could happen to you is that either the job isn't open and they think your foolish (who cares) or you don't get the job anyway. Best case is you send in early, and they have more time to review your resume than others that wait. The other tip I have is when you know for sure the job is open, you should stop into the school and try to find out who (single person or group of people) that are in charge of hiring for the position. Then you need to find that person or people and introduce yourself and state how interested you are in the position. Then you need to ask when approximately they will decide on finalists for the job. Then you should stop back or call that person or people again a couple days before they decide on finalists. Again, state your name and state how interested in the job. Do research on the program's history and somehow get them to understand that you have spent time researching the program and you know the program better than the other applicants. Good luck!


Karl is correct in that your Cover Letter should address how you were informed about a position not yet publicly available. Also mention that your source told you to contact the recipient directly as well.

With the competition for coaching positions, any advantage will be beneficial.


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