Girls High School Basketball Coaching experience: a negative, neutral, or a positive?

Is girls high school basketball coaching experience a negative, neutral, or a positive if one's goal is Boys HS and Men's College coaching?

I'm a very accomplished sales and marketing professional, 39 years old.  I got back in to coaching this year as the head coach (two assistants, ten players) of my son's youth basketball team.  We had a great season and all the parent's raved about the program.  I also completed an online certification for Coaching Basketball for 8-14 year olds and another one for coaching 14 to 18 year olds.  I'm attending the Nike Coaches Clinic in Pittsburgh in April and Coach K's Coaching Clinic in October as well as some coaching clinics put on by a local successful NAIA coach this summer.  I've got unbelievably organizational and motivational skills, just not a lot of actual coaching experience, but have corporate management experience.  I need to move up in age group rapidly, so if my only opportunity at the HS level is girls, do I take it?  Will that pigeon hole me?  In my opinion the same things that need to be done to make a successful boys or girls program is the same.  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

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ANY coaching experience is good!

I mean in the end it's only coaching: it really doesn't matter whether it's girls, boys , men, women or kids.

It's about knowing your personnel, evaluating their abilities and devising way to help them develop and hone those abilities.

The more different approaches you'll be expose to, the more your outlook on Boys HS and Men's College game will be complete.

Why are you attracted to the Boys HS and Men's College basketball?

Do you see it as more challenging than the 8-14 and 14-18 age brackets or Girls High school basketball?

Personally I think that the 8-14 bracket is the more challenging bracket, given especially that more than 80% of kids will abandon any sporting activity before being 15 years old and given that it's the crucial time where fundamentals are supposed to be taught.

Or do you think that it will be easier for you to teach that particular age and gender group(Boys HS and Men's College)?

A problem more current than people think. There is a strange assumption in the general public psyche that girls and women basketball is an unknown and intimidating territory that require superhuman abilities to navigate into.

A lot of conflict solving and team management is better learned in the transitory time of adolescence. Beside if you can't solve problems in a group a 20 raging teenagers how do you expect to solve them with a gang of hard-headed-hot-shots-who-think-they-are-all-that-just-because-they-were-the-best-in-their-high-school?  ;-)

If you know what you want to do then the wisest thing would be to look exactly for that but don't be in a hurry to move up in age group rapidly.

Make the choice: garnering valuable experience for your goal or directly seek to be an assistant in programs that meet your expectations regarding what YOU consider to be your goal as a coach. Knowing what you want is rare enough, if you know it, go after it!

It was great for me.  In our state the girls and boys use to play in different seasons so I basically got three extra years of coaching experience because I did the girls in the fall and boys in the winter.  Additionally, I think there might be some truth to the assertion that girls tend to listen a bit better.

Hi coach.

Coaching girls is a great experience. I've been caching girls for 8 seasons now at U16 level. Girls are as motivated, driven and capable as any boy I've coached. They are different though in the way they interact with you and each other so read some basketball for girls books to get an understanding. And enjoy the experience!


Hi coah V.

like Jean-Luc sayd ANY coaching experience is good!

this year I'm coaching two girls team there in my country in Europe, in a similar level to high school, and I can say that it is a great experience.

I'm trying to go to USA this summer to learn more about basketball, does anybody know how can I find out any Bball campus?


Jean-Luc, Coach Drew, Peter, Coach H, thank you for your thoughtful replies.  I agree and have applied for one of these positions already.  Thanks again.

Good luck coach!

Hey Coach V, 

 Just like before any experience is good. I have also been coaching girls basketball. My daughter is 10 and on played in two leagues back to back. Finding out how to get them to play and understand is the same as when coaching boys. Motivate and keep the interested. Good luck.

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