Curious how some of you coaches handle ball screens?  Do you:

  • Hedge and go over
  • Push up on ball screener and go under
  • Trap
  • Combination of the three?

What about help on the roller?  Where do you bring it from?

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We just went over this yesterday in practice. 


I would say it all depends on the type of team you are playing because some players you want to take the shot outside so you can go around it but if they hit from the outside or start to hit then a team might want to hedge it but it would really come down to the scouting report on the team and how it is best to take the screen away.  

We make sure we have taught each so if we want to change how to attack screens in a game we can just tell them and not have to show them again because the players understand what we expect and need to do.

Hey Coach Drew,

I like to double the ball, bring help with my highest weakside defender and have my big recover to the paint and pick up the biggest scoring threat in the paint, allowing the rest of the defenders to recover out to the lesser scoring threats.  I have my on the ball defender go over the top every time to disrupt the shot and the pass.  Even if the ball handler is a weak shooter, I like to go over the top anddouble because it leads to a lot of deflections and turn overs and forces them to operate their offense under pressure.  Communication is the key and I drill my guys until our coverage is immediate and aggressive - it might not work if your team isn't overly athletic or long though.

Hey coach Drew

I have my girls hedge and go over. I want each of my players to be responsible for their defensive effort as they had relied on switching and gotten too used to handing off their player.
Thanks for the replies!

It depends on the player. With a good shooter I have my guy go over the top, or we can switch if they are similar players. To handle the rollers, we have help coming from the weak side.

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