I'm a student at Depaul University in Chicago. I've grown up playing basketball, played in high school and am now playing on the Depaul club basketball team. At this point I'd like to get a job as an assistant coach at a high school or a head coaching job at the Junior Varsity or Freshmen level. Down the road I want to become a teacher so I can teach and be a head coach at the varsity level. Does anybody know of any job opportunities or have any advice?



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Hey Kevin,

I would start making some calls to schools in the area.  I am a varsity coach and I always have a hard time finding good coaches.  I'll bet there are some coaches looking.  Another route might be to be a student assistant at Depaul.  Lots of coaches got started that way.  One of my guys now was a volunteer assistant at a local JUCO.....that is another path you could consider.

Hey Kevin-

My advice would be to gear your search more to the private schools or CPS schools.  These jobs are becoming more and more difficult to get.  The higher paying districts in the suburbs typically do not hire outside of the building very often.  I also know of former head varsity coaches that are frosh coaches now, there are only so many jobs unfortunately.  I thought that having been a decent HS player and having played in college that I would be able to land a varsity job after 7 years at the lower levels, especially after winning season after winning season but that has not happened for me yet.  In my experience, how good of a coach you may be also does not play as large of a role as it should.  I would focus on the teaching side of things and try to network as much as possible.  If you can get yourself in to a public school as a teacher and start out as a frosh asst it will simply be a matter of time for you if you really want to be the head coach.  With the financial state of the state however this is difficult as well as hs teaching jobs are tough to get for most disciplines.  Being in the right spot and networking will determine more than how proficient you may be in multiple offenses.  Good luck.

A couple of things that might help. First, find out what is needed to become a coach in the public school system: coaching certification, first aid, cpr, etc. Include this information on your resume when applying for jobs. Shows the AD that you have everything in order ahead of other applicants. Also, start networking/volunteering at camps and clinics in your area. You will meet other coaches that may have openings.

Thanks a lot, guys. Very helpful.

One other thing to Marcus's point, consider getting your ASEP certification.  This is a coaching cert that you can get in 1-2 days and is fairly inexpensive.  It is basically a 1-2 day class followed by a couple of open book tests.  If you end up getting a teaching certificate you most likely will not need it but if you want to get started beforehand or end up changing your career plans you will have it, it also does not need to be renewed.  Good luck!


Take a look at the link below - we will be in Chicago 7/13 - 7/15 .... if you are interested I will waive the age requirement.


Hey John,

This looks interesting. I just submitted my resume to the link. Do you have more information about the event (what the event is for? what I would be doing as a field rep?) It looks like a great opportunity to meet some other coaches in the Chicago area. 

john m. said:


Take a look at the link below - we will be in Chicago 7/13 - 7/15 .... if you are interested I will waive the age requirement.


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