Hi everyone. I am in the middle of putting together my philosophy and the systems I would like to run for my teams in the future. I am a fan of strong post players and want to get them the ball in one on one situations. What do you believe is the best offensive system to get my big man the ball in isolation? Thanks.


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Use the 4 Out formation to start.  If you want them in 1 on 1 situations, motion offenses like the Flex, Princeton or UCLA offense may not help.  If you're facing a zone team, you're going to have to get some movement and screening to get them set up. You also will have to work on how to handle double-teams and where they may come from.  Hopefully, you've got shooters that can keep the D honest so that they cannot sluff off into the lane. 

4 Out is where I would start...


4 out is indeed a good way, however if you have two good big post players, the 4 out will always render one of them likely useless for that particular possession.

If that is the case, I have had great success with a motion offense that features a high-low center rotation (triangular, according to ball movement). If the entry pass from the side into the low post is denied, look to get the ball into the high post. You can then teach your low post player to use the moment when the wing passes to the high post to "seal off" the defender and make himself available near the rim. Now all you need is a 15-foot pass to get an easy layer.

From my experience, this is very hard to defend if you have two good bigs. Usually, to deny the low-post pass the other team needs to either help from the high post (which would give your high man an uncontested 15-footer) or the weak side (which is especially tough if you put the weakside shooter in the corner at a zero degree angle. If the ball comes to the high post and the weakside wing helps, the high post can easly reverse the ball to the shooter for an open baseline jumper.

So I guess you see what I am saying - if you have strong bigs, that alone will almost never win you a ball game because the other team can counter your attack. Always think about what you will do if they come up with a countermeasure to what you do best.

This is my first post, so pls let me know if this helps.

"66" offense is a very good offense against a 2-3 or a 2-1-2 zone and can be effective if used in unisan with the "Cross" offense when confronting Man to man def. The lost secret of getting the big man the ball is the bounce pass. A direct pass to the center while the center is stationary is easily defended but if done right with the ball just outside the reach of the defender and a hip check from the center as the defender reaches a bounce pass can lead to a very easy two.


There is two distinctive set of plays in the "66" offense with the point guard deciding to go to the strong side and methodically get the ball to the center and power forward. Or if the def. is playing a man to man def. the point guard can decide to speed things up by initiating the "Crossing" part of the offense by passing to the power forward on the weak side. Hopfully by tournament time the players will be able to change the strong side to the left and/or right side of the basket with a raised hand of One finger or two fingers by the point guard.


A simple reply is this: look for overload situations, where the weakside help that may double/sag/clog your post player from the blind side is eliminated.You can make up your own quick hitters that end in a post iso.

I have found throughout my experiences in basketball that there is a scarcity dominant post players. However, it is still very important to have an inside post attack. So creating an offense that fits the average run of the mill post player is best found in transition. Using the 4 out 1 in alignment, there are specific reads combined with the proper footwork that no amount of defense can stop. Also, a lost art in the game are players who can pass into the post. So if you have that, along with an adequate and balanced post player, there should be no problem in creating a post attack!

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