I'm hoping to start coaching professionally as a career, but i have no idea where to start or how to get my name out there. I've played for years, and coached for a few at the high school level. What's my next step? Anyone who can offer advice or steps to take would have my eternal thanks.

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If your near a bigger city go over and talk to someone from a pro team. Or send them your resume. Also see if there is a minor league team in your city or near it and ask if you can help in some capacity. I coach for a ABA team in the midwest called Michiana Monarchs. Best of Luck of to you.



Like Gary said, see where you can volunteer at.  I know a lot of pro teams have intern video guys.  Obviously your not going to find a good paying, or any paying job, to start out with.  Volunteer, work hard, network, and best of luck.  Let me know if you got other questoins, or send me a personal message on here and we can talk more.

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