I was reading a post about Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford on the ESPN College Basketball Nation blog and when he was asked about his coaching style he responded 

“We play efficient basketball,” Hayford said. “What I’ve tried to do is play percentage and possession basketball.”


The writer, Diamond Leung sites Hayford's teams' ability to rank high in field-goal percentage, rebound well and limit turnovers.


Does anyone know anything else about this coach? I am always interested in coaches that utilize advanced statistics and was wondering if he is a guy I need to follow.  He also coached at a D3 school in Spokane called Whitworth University.





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I have known Jim for nearly 20 years. He has worked one of my ABN Elite Fundamentals Camps in Europe. We have also  spoken since he took the job in regards to bringing in some Balkan recruits who can make an impact. Jim is a man you should definitely follow. He is up to date with all technology and is wired in at many levels. Most importantly, he is an outstanding role model and integrity filled coach who will bring honor to the program while still being an outstanding recruiter and tactician. You failed to mention how long he worked at Azusa Pacific.. it was many many years. He is originally from near me, in the Bay Area.

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Good to know.  Thanks for the info!

efficiency is winning every position. take a look at a possesion as two things: offense and then defense, or vice versa. What if? What if what, you may ask...


What if you win 51% of your posessions.

Tally a point for everytime you score, and make a stop on defense.

Give zero points for everytime you miss, and the opposing team scores.


The point differential? The WINNER.

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