Hey everybody, my name is Matt and I am new to this site. It has been a dream to be a coach for as long as I can remember.  I recently was allowed to join the staff at Waynesville High School in Ohio. I went there and played growing up there. I learned a lot in my frist year. We went to the district finals in division III and we were knocked out by the state champs. We have a great program. Being a volunteer I get to work with freshman, JV, and varsity in depth. As a program we went 53-8(Varsity 16-7,JV 20-0 and freshman 17-1). I am willing and eager to get every bit of knowledge I can for the game of basketball. I believe that hard work is going to get me far. Whether it be a huge job or a small little detail that goes into game planning I want to do it, and do it to the best of my ability. I am a young guy and realize it is a long road to get to be where I want to be. One day I would like to be a D-I college coach. I plan to fight, scratch, and claw to obtain that goal. I just wanted to hear some of your opinions on what it will take to get there. What do I need to start doing now? Where should I go for more knowledge? What are all of the required feilds I must meet before collleges will accept me?? Any further information will be a great help. Thank you.

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Hello Matt,

Welcome to the site. I am George Bowser, one of the writers with The Sports Resume.


In the event you need your Resume analyzed for strengths/weaknesses (Including any Cover Letters), don't hesitate to submit to: review@thesportsresume.com.


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Thanks again for your time and hopefully we can assist you in your future pursuits.


Also, try to attend some of the upcoming Basketball Coaching Clinics, provided by individual schools, to spread around your name and face.




George Bowser

Writer, The Sports Resume


Matt, as you will hear, there is no direct, perfect path to get to the Division one level.


My advice right now is to get into a Division one college. I'd reccommend going to a D1 and being a manager with the team.  Spend every hour that you are not either practicing or in a classroom studying in the coach's office.  EVERY hour!  Network as often as possible.  Let me know if you have more specific questions.  I certainly don't have it all figured out, but I'm happy to help where I can.

Im in the same boat as you Matt. I just currently got a job as an assistant on a team in the IBL, which I got the hook up for by coaching AAU. Its great that you are with the high school program. I know im young and dont know too much about how to get to the top, but I just try and shake as many hands as possible, go to every coaching clinic possible, watch every basketball game I possibly can, and just try and be flexible in what I can do. It has given me the opportunity to coach a high school team, AAU, and now a semi-pro team. That would just be my advice for you. Get your face and name out there. There really arent any great secerets about basketball that you need to know to get ahead as a basketball coach. Its really about who you know, and how productive your teams are on the court. As long as you continue to be successful in what you do someone will notice.
Hey there. I played for ohio christian university in circleville, oh. They are looking for a jv coach. I think they have a player from wayneville this year. Jay allen. I know wilmington college are looking for a womens assistant coach. Let me know what you think.
Thanks Sam,im always open to check out the opportunity. What do I need to do or what do you need from me ro check out the positions? Yeah I know Jay, i have watched him play a few times.

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