Non-Traditional Basketball Stats that Impact the Game

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what the difference is between the teams that win and that lose? Yeah you can look at talent but I have seen plenty of teams with enough talent that still don't win. There are a lot of teams with enough talent but still continue to fall short. So what does it take to win? Checkout this article by GWU men's basketball assistant coach Kevin Sutton.

Non-Traditional Basketball Stats that Impact the Game

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Until teams of any level start to once again using the reverse pivot the game is decided on the recruiting and motivational skills of the coaches.

I don't mean to be too rued but what sophisticated stats means with the current state of organized basketball in this country is like putting a high powered scope on a shot gun. You may look good and it may look like your using the scope but in reality you are just leading the ducks and hoping for the best


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