Recently I have been hitting the transition that many College basketball players hit and you are forced to answer the simple question what is next? But is it really that simple? For me it was because of what I want to do but the difficult task is getting an opproutnity doing it. I knew for a long time that when my career with playing basketball was over I wanted to lead young people and be a motivational speaker and collegiate basketball coach. As I have began the search on this journey sending countless emails a day, applying for jobs on paper that i am not completely qualified for and retrieving several coaches advice I realized that it is far from EASY. But I believe in never letting fear or failure limit you so whatever it takes I will get my chance to succeed. That is why i called this post "success is a choice" it is a choice you make before going through adversity and when you  make it all you see is the goal at the end!  

- Coach Mo

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I think you are making a good move.  When my career ended I kind of walked away from the game for a couple years before I returned.  In retrospect I wish I would have pursued a GA job somewhere.  Best of luck!

I needed that bit of inspiration this morning.  Thank u!!!  Teaching is a good profession to enter to get your foot into the door of coaching, they pretty much go hand in hand.  You gotta do something to pay the bills while putting yourself out there and making contacts.  Most colleges are always looking for volunteers.  I have heard that is how a lot of people get their foot in the door.  I have been coaching elementary girls for the past 3 years and now am feeling like I want to move up to HS or college.  Scary, just because of the unknown...but excited for the challenges that are ahead.  Good luck to you and with the positivie outlook you will definitely get far....:)

Thank you Im glad i could help inspire continue to add more challenges in your life if you feel like you want to move up in coaching go for it! Wish u the best!

Just keep goon man. Anyone who is a coach now Never had experience and was never qualified before they got their first job.

Good post.... i am just making the transition from playing at a small college to coaching.

I coached middle school girls last year.... but have just been hired to coach jv at my old college. It will be a good transition for me.
I knew that i wanted to keep basketball in my life... and i am a teacher so it fits in well.

Real talk, great post! You do have a choice. If you keep working you will get there eventually.  If you quit, then you will never reach your goals.  It will not be easy but you got to stay on that grind.....

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