These plays can be used when the defense is fronting the 5 on the high post. The first play is called Counter. When the 5 is fully fronted, the ball goes down to the 3 in the left corner, and the 4 comes up and screens for the 2 on the right wing. The 5 then quickly cuts down toward the basket, gets a pass from the 3, and scores a basket. When the 5 is half fronted, the one passes over to the 2 and then gets a return pass before sending the ball down to the 3. The rest is the same.

Counter Full Front     Counter Half Front

Topside is a simple play in which the 1 lobs a pass over the man fronting the 5 as the 5 cuts to the hoop. The 5 should be able to get an inside bucket.

41 Topside

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