As little as 10 years ago I remember struggling to find resources available to the basketball coach on the internet outside of the traditional Championship Productions video, of which I ordered many.  Today, basketball X's & O's are everywhere.  No doubt many of us have our offensive and defensive strategies on the loaded in some fashion on the web pages for which we promote tirelessly to coaching communities such as the one hear at  Is the virtual world of strategy and uneducated environment of people calling themselves coaches to earn a quick dollar? Absolutely not! Take advantage of as many different perspectives as possible (within your budget of course).  One of the step I've used over the years to grow as a person and increase my leadership potential is to continue to feed my hunger for education: its not enough to settle on 'thinking you know it all' but rather focusing on what you don't know. 

I would suggest you check out all of the various opportunities, whether they're free of charge or $10, fellow coach's have perspectives that may just help you win your next (or first) league championship.  When looking for a solid resource to invest your dollar in--in terms of e-playbooks--consider the following:

  • Will you get your order instantly?
  • Do you have to sign up for mailing list first?
  • Is there a coach's bio available?
  • Finally is the price $15 or less? If not, its highway robbery unless Coach K himself is selling the material.  
If you're looking for a library of e-playbooks to help you and program grow and increase your winning potential visit the market leaders listed below;

Coach Mac's Basketball Playbooks
Coach's Clipboard
Coach Jackson's Site

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