Basketball Dribbling Drills

basketball dribbling drillsDribbling is arguably the most important skill in basketball. Almost all coaches and players understand how helpful it can be to have a skilled ball handler on your side. That's why they are always looking to improve dribbling as much as possible. Here are some basketball dribbling drills that will help you to keep improving.

This video from Hoop Coach shows a variety of two ball dribbling drills. These dribbling drills really help with hand-eye coordination to improve ball handling. Players can start slow and simple with stationary two ball dribbling. As it starts to get easier the drills get more advanced until the players are dribbling up the court going behind the back and through the legs.

Sideline Dribbling Drill A good drill for developing young players or warming up more advanced players. Sideline dribbling drill has a player start at one sideline and dribble across to the other sideline. When they are at about the halfway point, the coach calls out a move the player has to execute. When they reach the opposite sideline, they repeat the drill going back dribbling with their other hands. When they return to their starting point they give the ball to their partner who repeats the drill.

Here are a couple more basketball dribbling drills created by Hoop Coach members using  Basketball Playbook.


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