Basketball Drills for Guards

All coaches know how important it is to get good play from their guards. A team with excellent players in the backcourt can almost always be competitive, regardless of the other team's size. Here are a few fast paced and intense basketball drills for guards to help them develop fast ball handling and accurate shooting.

Chair Break

The player starts on the baseline with one ball. Cones are placed in a line up to half court. One cone is on the left wing with a ball next to it, and a coach or partner is on the right wing.

  1. The player dribbles up the court, quickly dribbling in between the cones.
  2. When he gets to half court and passes the last cone, the player throws a pass to his partner.
  3. Then he cuts to the cone, picks up the ball, and takes a jump shot.
  4. After the shot, he cuts to the right corner and gets a pass from his partner to take another jump shot.

Chair Break- basketball guard drill animation

Two Ball Shooting

The player starts on the baseline with two balls. There is a coach or partner on the right wing and a cone at the free throw line.

  1. The player dribbles both balls as fast as possible to half court. Then he turns around and dribbles toward the cone at the free throw line.
  2. Before he gets to the cone, he throws a one-handed pass over to his partner.
  3. Next, the player makes a move to go around the cone, takes a hard dribble forward, and then stops to take a pull-up jumper.
  4. Then he cuts back around the cone as if coming off a screen, catches a pass from the partner, and takes another jump shot.

Two Ball Shooting- basketball guard drill animation

Redick Shooting Drill

Three cones are set up. One is at the center of half court, and the other two are at half court on either sideline. The player starts at the middle cone, and he has a partner to pass and rebound.

  1. The player sprints to the free throw line, gets a pass, and takes a jumper.
  2. Next, he sprints to one of the sideline cones, and then back to the closest elbow. He gets a pass and takes another jumper.
  3. Then the player goes back to the middle cone, sprints back to the free throw line, and takes a third shot.
  4. Finally, he runs to the opposite sideline cone, then cuts back to the closest elbow. He gets a pass for the final jump shot.

Redick Shooting Drill- basketball guard drill animation

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