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The Billionaire Basketball Coach

I love Vivek Ranadive, the owner of the Sacremento Kings. This self made billionaire, came to the U.S. with nothing and made his fortune. His first exposure to basketball came when he decided to coach his 5th grade daughter's basketball team,.....

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Masters in Coaching Clinic - A MUST for ALL Coaches & Staffs


August 23, 2014 l Charlotte, NC l Johnson & Wales University

The TPG Sports Group Masters in Coaching Clinic staff has won at every level. They bring with them over 100 years of playing and coaching experience. The 2014 Clinicians feature NBA, NCAA and High School, coaches who are National Champions, Hall…


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Team Close Out Drill

Close Out Drill

Players line up like the image on the left. 

  • 5 passes to 6 then sprints at 2…

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Are You Coachable?

Take five minutes to look in the mirror and give yourself an honest assessment in regards to the following questions:

Am I open to other people’s ideas?

Do I listen more than I talk?

Am I open to changing my mind based on new info?

Do I really admit when I am wrong?…


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How do you receive your FIBA coaching certificate?

Just would like to get certified internationally...any replies to help would be great.

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Infographic: Maya Angelou Quotes To Inspire Basketball Players

Maya Angelou Quotes To Inspire Basketball Players Infographic – An infographic by the team at Maya Angelou Quotes To Inspire Basketball Players…


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Sharing a google folder with basketball drills

Hello everybody,…


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Basic offensive fundamentals: shooting

I think that everybody would agree that shooting is the most important basic fundamental in basketball. It is quite simple: without shooting it is quite hard to get the ball in, so it is extremely important to have a good technique in this gesture.

As coaches, we have to try to teach as well as possible. In my case, I think that shooting is also hard to teach, especially with players who have never played, or even worse, they have played but they haven’t been taught properly.…


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Open Letter to Student Athletes

Open Letter to Student Athletes…


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What happened to the basics of man to man defense???

The more basketball I see, the more "frantic" it has become.  I see less fundamentals and more out of control play.  Way too much contact in the sport now.  Players get to the rim way too easy because players "over play" their man.  What happened to keeping the player in front---using words like contain and arms length apart or cushion.  Bring the mid range jumper back---the mid range and short jumper are a lot harder to make than a 3 pointer these days--it takes more touch.  I hope…


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Benches Clear in Duke vs UNC......Team Manager Game

Everyone knows that the Duke-UNC rivalry is one of the most heated rivalries in sports. The tone is set by the competitive nature's of Coach K and Roy Williams trickling down into the assistant coaches and players.  Simply put, if you attend one of these schools you hate the other.  What I was unaware of was how serious the team managers take the rivalry.

Based on that…


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Winning Cultures: K-State Assistant Coach Alvin Brooks

As coaches we have the task of trying to build a culture within our program that is going to promote winning, and doing it the right way. There are a lot of different things that go into building this winning culture. This article by Kansas State assistant coach Alvin Brooks is going to explain what goes into winning cultures. 

Article: Winning…


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Webinar on Building Your Coaching Portfolio - February 4th

I wanted to let you know that the Coaching Portfolio Guide will be hosting an informational webinar, discussing tips on how to develop and build your coaching portfolio.  The webinar will be hosted by myself and will take place on Tuesday February 4th, at 8pm EST.  This webinar is available only to members of The Coaching Portfolio website, and is limited to the first 200 members who register.  No special software is needed to view the webinar.  You will have the opportunity ask questions…


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Syracuse Backcourt

Wondering what you guys think of Syracuse backcourt. Do you think Tyler Ennis and Trevor Cooney have a chance to make the NBA? I think Tyler Ennis has potential to be a great point guard. I don't know how Cooney will be if he makes the NBA, mabe like a fredette? Let me know your thoughts. Their currently 19-0

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Vegas Fisherman XVII

A Different Kind of Tip  / Building on 100% with Little Bricks / Trading Westbrook

1. A Different Kind of Tip Tips After watching a smaller Fordham University Men's team collect their first A10 win of the season this week and the less well regarded Phoenix Suns handle the League Leading Pacers the same night, both teams utilize the tip…


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A Major in Sports

Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News is pitching a pretty radical idea for dealing with the money issues that plague big time collegiate sports.  DeCourcy's answer is in his own words "simple" and "obvious". Create a Major in Sports.…


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As coaches, we understand that attributes such as coachability, effort, hustle, unselfishness, respect, being an encourager, leadership, etc. are all mental traits; and have NOTHING to do with the size, speed or talent of an athlete.  

Unfortunately, our players, especially at the…


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Kobe Bryant Work Ethic - First Hand Story

Kobe Bryant is renowned for his incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft.  There have been plenty of stories about the extreme measures he goes through to be at the top his game including these 17 examples in Business Insider. While those 17 examples are certainly amazing and at least partially explain his dominance, this first hand account from a trainer that helped…


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Jason Kidd vs Lawrence Frank - what is an assistant coach's role?

The whole Jason Kidd vs Lawrence Frank saga is fascinating to me.  Lawrence Frank was once Jason Kidd's boss, Frank gets canned, Jason Kidd hires his old boss as an assistant while taking his old boss's job.  It's like a movie.  Regardless, the details are starting to emerge in regard to the breakdown of their working relationship and I have to assume friendship.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports the problem…


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More Zone Defense in College Basketball

Likely due to the rules changes and excessive whistles in college basketball this season there is statistical data of college coaches embracing the once taboo zone defense.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal there has already been a 6% increase in zone defense possessions this season in college basketball - up to 21.6% of possessions from 15.6% last season.  My…


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