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Slipping The Pick and Roll

An important tactic in the Pick and Roll game is the ability of the screener to read the defense and execute a slip of the screen. Here are some reads and teaching points for the screener to properly execute a slip:

Principle of Screening on the Ball:

Always sprint to set a screen for the ball handler. This creates separation from your defender, making it difficult for them to show or hedge. Often times sprinting and creating that small amount of separation…


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Looking for talented student athletes at the high school level

VLT Academy is a chartered urban school district that runs K-12. Our varsity boys basketball team is doing very well and currently have 10 wins to only 4 losses.  With six more games left this season, we are looking at a very strong end to this year.  With success comes opportunity and as a coach for the boys program, I can tell you that winning traditions are firmly planted and the future looks brighter than ever.  We are currently searching the globe for the BEST student athletes!  If you…


Added by Bradford Rodgers on January 28, 2012 at 11:59am — 1 Comment

Bill Self Kansas 5 Out Zone Plays

These 3 plays are for attacking a zone defense and use the 5 out set. The first play is called Wing Entry. The ball goes to the 5 on the left wing. Then the 5 throws a skip pass to the 4 on the opposite wing and cuts to right elbow where he gets the ball back. Then the 2 cuts from the right corner to the hoop and gets an inside pass for an easy basket.…


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Looking for post grad basketball programs

I have been searching and looking for some affordable post grad basketball programs, can someone assist me???

Added by Desmond Walker on January 25, 2012 at 2:04pm — 2 Comments

3 Man Plays for Big Man

These plays are man plays that use 4 out 1 in set. The first is called Big 45. The 1 passes the ball across to the 4 while the 5 makes a V-cut down low in the left post. The 2 comes from the right corner to screen for the 1 who cuts down to take his place. As the 5 finishes the quick V-cut, the 4 sends him a pass down low so he can be one-on-one with the defender.…


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2 Zone Plays

The first play is called Corners 52. It uses the 4 out 1 in set. The ball goes over to the 2 on the left wing, and the 5 cuts up from the left block to set a screen on the defender on the left elbow. The 2 penetrates while the 4 cuts under the hoop from the opposite corner. The 2 can go for a pull up jumper, pass it to the 3 in the corner, or pass it to the 4 underneath for an inside bucket.…


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center and a guard looking for high school in the states

if any one is interested in helping an aggressive 6-9 center/ forward from Nigeria and 6-0 combo guards should contact me through - emmaxionel04@yahoo.com. this kids are brothers who dream of playing along side in the US. this kids are 17 and 15 yrs old respectively and they are currently looking for any high school in the states that can render scholarship, Aids or any kind of help. so that they can enroll in the school and play basketball for the school. this kids have all document ready -…


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3 Wake Forest/Coach Skip Prosser Rebounding Drills

The first drill starts with 2 lines of players. The first person in one line has a ball, and the first person in the opposite line runs over to defend him. The player with the ball shoots, and the the defender has to box him out. The drill continues in this way. If the shooter gets the rebound, the defender must run a lap.…


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3 Tom Izzo Man to Man Sets

The first set is called Post Iso and uses the 1-4 High set up. The 3 runs around the 5 at the right elbow, cuts back out to the right wing, and receives a pass from the 1. The 1 cuts through the paint to the left corner. The 4 cuts to the top while the 5 picks for the 3. The 3 dribbles around the pick, and passes to the 4 up top. The 5 rolls off his screen to the hoop and should get a pass down low. He should have an easy shot or a one-on-one situation in the post.…


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Jim Calhoun Man to Man Plays

These 3 plays use the 3 out 2 in set up. The first is UK Wildcat 2. The 1 dribbles to the right wing and hands the ball of to the 2. The 5 cuts to the top and receives a pass as the 4 sets a screen for the 1. The 1 cuts under the hoop and can get a pass, or he can finish the cut to the left corner. Then the 4 sets a pick for the 2 and rolls off it, cutting to the basket. The 5 can pass it to him for an inside basket or to the 2 on the right wing for a shot.…


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