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We Must Communicate! - part 1

We Must Communicate!- part 1

Fellow coaches and followers: Hopefully you are getting ready for your next playoff game. Perhaps you are getting ready for a conference championship game at this point? Congrats to you, and good luck on that. Now that our season is over, I certainly have a lot more free time. This past week, I've been doing inventory for all our basketball stuff. This is another job or task that isn't a luxurious one. I hope those of… Continue

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Every Season Has An Ending

Every Season Has an Ending

Well hello again to all of my readers. Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. What can I say? I’ve been at a loss for words lately. Our season ended last night, and I just wanted to thank everybody whose followed me on this long, roller coaster ride of a season. Then again, aren’t they all? I’m going to talk about our end of the season, as well as other last game of the seasons I’ve been involved in. Every year there is… Continue

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CalTech ends 26 year conference losing streak

This seems like it's out of a movie.  Crowd storms the floor to mark the end of a 5-20 season.  When your team and crowd is composed of future Nobel Prize winners and Astrophysicists you might get the impression that basketball is just a thing they do on the side.  I think this reaction proves otherwise.


Article from Yahoo:…


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Every Possession Counts

Every possession counts

Well its about 11:30 now, and I am hanging out at the office. I don’t need to be here, but lately I’ve preferred to stay at the office and do some work as opposed to going home and attempting to do that work. It’s not like I have cable television to look forward to anyways!

It was senior night tonight, and we were playing one of the worst teams in our conference, Nebraska Wesleyan, at home. By winning our last two games, we had a chance to move up… Continue

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Sacrifice for the TEAM

The season is starting to come to an end fellow coaches. For some teams, for some coaches and players, this may be a sense of relief. For others teams, it's an exciting time; looking forward to the conference tournament, and potentially going deep in the post season. We are certainly a group that's leaning towards the latter. I am excited to have an opportunity to go to the NAIA tournament. We must win our conference tournament, since we aren't in a good enough…


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Bobby Knight Talking Defense and Screen and Roll

Video from ESPN of Coach Knight evaluating Jamie Nixon's Pittsburgh defense and also talking Duke's Screen and Roll.  I love listening to Coach Knight simplify and break things down.  I feel like he could accurately explain things in 30 words where it might take another coach 200.


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A 180 Turnaround! part 2

A 180 Turnaround!

p>Saturday came, and it was a busy day for me.  We had film at 9:30. I got to the office by 9 to set everything up and make sure the film was ready to go.  After film we had our walk through from 10-11.  Then Coach had us all over to his house for a pre game meal.  We had some good lasagna as well as brownies that were apparently the first things that Coach had ever cooked before.  They were really good.  I left around 11:30 to… Continue

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A 180 Turnaround! part 1

A 180 Turnaround!

* You don't want to miss part 2 that will be up in a day or so! Stay alert!*

Today is Superbowl Sunday. I hope everybody enjoyed the game. I wasn’t really rooting for one team; I just wanted to see a close game. Watching the Superbowl was pretty much all I did today. That and this blog. I finished all of my homework on Friday so that I could use the weekend to relax. It’s been an incredible week for our… Continue

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Frustrating weekend- part 2

Frustrating weekend- part 2

Originally I was hoping to get this blog post earlier this week, however as you know, I am a busy guy and I got busy. However, our team has had a very exciting week thus far, and therefore I am going to be writing another blog in the next day or two to update you guys about the tremendous positive things that have occurred this week. Trust me, it’s not always frustrating. I don’t mean to make the mood too depressing with… Continue

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Frustrating Weekend- part 1

* This will be a two part blog*

I am back now from our trip in Ann Arbor Michigan. We were there from Thursday- Sunday for the Concordia Invitational Tournament. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as planned.

This was my first plane trip that I had ever gone on with a college team. I was a bit nervous, but also excited. I got up at 430 am, so that I could be at the gym by 5. The players were coming in around 5:20, and I knew I had to be… Continue

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