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You Better Get That Lesson...

“You better get that Lesson…”

Here we are 6:30 a.m. on my birthday morning and the first thing on my mind after I kiss my beautiful wife is “man I’m excited to go get this blog done!” It’s fun letting loose some of the things that are in this brain of mine. I heard a quote/question from Tony Robbins that said “why are we happy using only 10% of our brain?” That’s pretty sad, so I have committed myself to eliminating some dummy… Continue

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I'd choose College over NBA

I'd choose College over NBA

Well, I hope those of you who read my last blog were in anticipation for this one. I talked a lot about coaching college at different levels, and how basketball is basketball. However, what I would never do, is coach in the NBA (given the 1 in million chance I actually had the opportunity). So I decided to write about the NBA. This is about not only some of…

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A Time For Giving

A Time For Giving

Well, let’s just start this out by letting you readers know that this blog post is going to be about a number of things. I debated for a while about what my title should be, and if I should change it, considering that the majority of this blog will be about several things not related to Christmas. However, in the end, it’s Christmas time, and it’s a “time for giving.” So, I just… Continue

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The Reality of a Dream

The Reality of a Dream…

I think I’m starting to figure this whole creative writing thing out (though I’m sure my college professor would beg to differ from what he saw back then.)  I say this because as I wrote blog #2, like

three other blog posts came to mind! 

Here in blog #3, let’s explore the…


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'Til Death Do Us Part...


Well, here we are! Week 2, round 2! Thank you for the responses for the first post. I was a bit nervous, but it was just like a game… you’re always nervous until that ball goes in the air!! Now down to business. This week I’ll be letting you in on my personal story and how things in the game have changed.

It was a hot summer day….. just jokes! No really, Cleveland, Ohio let’s start at about 10 years old. I was fortunately always at least a year younger than all my…


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Recruiting- part 1



Helloooooo Nebraska Weather!  It's Wednesday right now, and I'm finally getting my first taste of what I've been hearing all along about this Nebraska weather.  Not just has the weather been hard to walk around in and adapt to, it's also affected our basketball team!  This past Saturday, we were scheduled to drive about 3 hours…


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Summer Camps

Well it's getting close to Christmas time, and I'm sure most teams will have a good, well needed break. However, we still have this week and next week to get through. Probably depending on where and what level you coach at, many teams have probably started conference play at this point as well.

Looking at a team's pre conference schedule is interesting sometimes. You look at a team like Gonzaga for example, who always tries to schedule as hard of a non conference schedule as possible…


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For The Love of The Game....

For the Love of the Game…..…


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Team chemistry part 2

When I was in high school, I was a better than average player, but certainly nothing spectacular. I was a 3 point specialist, great team defender, and smart player overall. I played everyday, and I loved to compete. I’d find pickup games wherever I could, and I’d usually play several times a day. When the season started, I would be at open gyms everyday, and I always looked forward to the start of the season. What I couldn't stand was playing in a pickup game that wasn't competitive. I don't… Continue

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Team Chemistry

Today is Thursday and I just got home from one of our JV games. It was our JV's fourth game, and we were yet to win a game. Our first two games were against junior college teams, so it was understandable that we weren't off to a great start. I could tell before the game started that we would be a lot more competitive against this team. We started off a bit cold in the first half, however the game went back and forth, and we had a one point lead going into halftime. I knew that we were most… Continue

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