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Weave Flare

My latest set, Weave Flare, incorporates two very popular actions that many teams are running right now: the weave dribble and the flare screen. The Golden State Warriors, among many other teams, run this weave action to get the defense moving and the ball switching sides of the court. They often follow one of the dribble hand offs (DHO) with a quick ball screen, as this set does. Finally, after a guard gets a DHO and a ball screen, the opposite wing receives a flare screen. There are lots…


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Zipper/Screen Screener Quick Hitter

Here's my latest quick hitter. It utilizes the zipper cut and then a screen the screener action. I like the set because it gives my best two shooters a good look and then lets my posts play hi/low if nothing is open. If a shot is attempted there is great rebounding position from both posts. Follow me @Coachjniemi. Enjoy.


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Team Close Out Drill

Close Out Drill

Players line up like the image on the left. 

  • 5 passes to 6 then sprints at 2…

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D1 College Basketball Coaches that started at the high school level

I am working on a list of D1 head college basketball coaches that started at the high school level.  Of course by working I mean asking Hoop Coach members for assistance.

Here is what I have so far:

  • John Bielien University of Michigan- New Fane HS - 1975 - 1978
  • Bo Ryan Wisconsin - Sun Valley High School 1974 -…

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Kobe Bryant Work Ethic - First Hand Story

Kobe Bryant is renowned for his incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft.  There have been plenty of stories about the extreme measures he goes through to be at the top his game including these 17 examples in Business Insider. While those 17 examples are certainly amazing and at least partially explain his dominance, this first hand account from a trainer that helped…


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More Zone Defense in College Basketball

Likely due to the rules changes and excessive whistles in college basketball this season there is statistical data of college coaches embracing the once taboo zone defense.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal there has already been a 6% increase in zone defense possessions this season in college basketball - up to 21.6% of possessions from 15.6% last season.  My…


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Teaching effort?

Hi Coaches, I'm a 22 year old coach and I'm coaching my first team at the high school 9th grade level. How do I teach them effort and to not quit on themselves and their teammates?

Added by Devonte Brewer on December 4, 2013 at 2:34pm — 4 Comments

Crazy NAIA Crowds

Duke's Cameron Crazies and Michigan State's Izzone are well known across the college basketball landscape for their antics and defining home court advantage.  I would have to argue that they have earned their infamy. Here are couple of smaller NAIA schools that might not have the notoriety of the large school cheering sections…


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Magic Passing

This drill starts with a line of players at half court on one sideline. One player starts across from the line on the opposite sideline, another starts under the hoop, and another starts in the corner opposite the line. The player under the hoop cuts to the free throw line, and gets a pass from the first player in the…


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Competitive Team Rebounding Drill

Competitive drill for working on rebounding tenacity. Line your team up like the diagram to the left. The player at the free throw line takes a shot. The first players in each line compete for the rebound. The person who gets the rebound passes to the next person in their line, who in turn…


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Hot Spot Passing

Hot Spot is a quick passing drill that your team can use as a warm up and/or to improve passing accuracy. Players are in groups of four and form a diamond. Each group has two balls and pass them around the diamond as shown in the diagram and animation.…


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Kentucky Layups Drill

Good fast-paced drill to work on long passes for transition layups.

1. Players make two lines: one on each baseline on opposite sides of the hoops.

2. The first player in each line dribbles the length of the court to make a layup.

3. After making the layup, the player rebounds the ball and throws a long outlet pass to the…


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Selecting a High School Sports Team Captain

Here is an article I wrote several years ago on Selecting a High School Sports Team Captain.  I have received a lot of positive feedback and decided to share it with others.

Selecting A High School Sports Team Captain

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HoopMetrics – Revolutionizing Basketball Statistics

After nearly a year of development, we are excited to announce the release of HoopMetrics, the most advanced basketball statistics software available.

The app expands on basic statistics by quantifying player strengths and weaknesses that are difficult to recognize. It identifies the players that don’t necessarily light up the stat sheet but when are on the floor, good things happen. How much did an individual player contribute to a win? It’s effortless to…


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The 3 Types of Bigs--"The Stretch"

Preface:This is the third and final entry is my "The 3 Types of Bigs" blog series. Once again these are written from a player development POV. Comments/Feedback welcome...

The 3 Types of Bigs—“The Stretch”

The final type of Big that I think is most prevalent in today’s basketball is one that is already a buzzword spoken by basketball analysts across the country. Commonly referred to as a “Stretch 4,” this type of big is becoming a staple on many teams at all…


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The Life of a Basketball Coach

Eye opening article in the Chronicle about the life of an assistant college basketball coach.  The writer follows coach Elwyn McRoy as he chases down job leads and career moves all while trying to recruit the best players available for his head coach.  The hours spent driving from event to event crossing multiple states is the craziest part to me.  Is this indicative of most small college programs or is…


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The 3 Types of Bigs-- "The Space Eater"

Preface:This is the second entry is my "The 3 Types of Bigs" blog series. Once again these are written from a player development POV. Comments/Feedback welcome...

The next type of Big I would like to talk about is what I call “The Space Eater.” This is your individual who takes up space in the interior and gives muscle to your team. They’re usually good on the boards and good position defenders in the post. They can push people around and set good screens for shooters or play well in…


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The 3 Types of Bigs--"The Protector"

Preface: This is my first blog on the first type of the 3 "Specialist Bigs", this is written from a player development POV so I'm sure others will have different takes on what I suggest...Open Discussion welcome

The 3 Types of Bigs: #1 ‘The Protector”

As I spoke of in my last entry, I believe that the “Bigs” of today have evolved into specialists. When I use the term ‘specialist”, the definition is that the player is extremely skilled in one particular area, so much so…


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De-Evolution of the Back-to-the-Basket Big

The De-Evolution of the Back-to-the-Basket Big

If you’ve watched, coached, played or refereed any basketball in the last decade, the basketball purist has seen a steady decline of back-to-the-basket big play like Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, Moses, or yes, even the overly pugnacious Bill Walton (I can still only take his commentary in small doses). With the game moving at an even faster pace and the institutional popularity of the three-point shot, the inside post game has become less…


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Ex-NBA star Penny Hardaway giving back to his old neigborhood

I always liked Penny Hardaway. I'm not sure if it was because of his unique first name Anfernee, his role as Butch McRae in Blue Chips or maybe it was just the way he played the game.  But after reading this article on CNN.com about…


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