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When should change a player's shot?

Another topic that I believe is a hot topic in player development is when or if you should change a player’s shot? There are some coaches out there who think that as long as it’s’ going in, don’t change anything. While that may be true, I think you have to take a hard look at the consistency of the shot and how often the player can repeat his or her current technique enough to have consistent success because as we all know, successful shooting is fleeting like a leaf in a strong wind, it…


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NCAA Basketball Tournament Coach Salaries

USA Today put together this table of the salaries of every basketball coach that made the NCAA Tournament. Crazy to see some of the disparity between Mid-Majors and BCS schools.  Regardless, pretty sure all these jobs would be great to have!…


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Did Louisville's Luke Hancock actually force a jump ball with Wichita State’s Ron Baker?

Take a look at this gif from SBNation and decide.  What do you think?

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How Jim Boeheim helped launch the careers of Rick Pitino and John Beilein

Great read on NBC Sports about how Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim helped get Michigan coach John Beilein his first D1 gig and also how he taught Louisville coach Rick Pitino his 2-3 zone after hiring him on Coach Pitino's wedding night.  With all of the negative recruiting going on in big time college basketball its cool to see some coaches that respect each other and our willing to help each other out.  Can't wait for the games this weekend!…


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Recruiting tips for a new Prep Program.

I have a small prep teamin vancouver...my team is for men ages 17-24 who are looking to get in or back into college.  Any recruiting tips for me? Any marketing or advertising idea's?

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Andy Enfield Florida Gulf Coast Salary

FGCU has signed Enfield to a five-year contract that starts with a base salary of $152,500.  The deal includes bonuses if the Eagles were to win conference championships, make the NCAA Tournament, even win a National title.

Pretty sure it is going to cost a bit more to keep him at Florida Gulf Coast after this tournament run.  Good luck with that FGCU!…


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Gregg Marshall of Wichita State Salary

Coach Marshall makes a base salary of $900,000 a year, although incentives and a contribution to an annuity can raise his earnings to more than $1 million. He earned an $18,000 bonus for the conference title and the same amount for the NCAA Tournament berth.

WSU won the National Invitation Tournament in 2011, after which Marshall received a $100,000 raise and extension through 2018.

So that is how much  a Sweet Sixteen run cost?…


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Jim Larranaga and Analytics Push Team to be the Best

Coach Jim Larranaga and his Miami team have definitely surprised some people this season. They have gone 15-3 in conference play becoming the top team in the ACC regular season. Larranaga talks about how he uses advanced statistics and analytics to teach his team about where they rank and compare to the other top teams in the nation, getting them ready for their biggest games.…


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Business of College Basketball Coaches

Interesting read on the origin of the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the NCAA Tourney. I had no clue that the NABC was actually the creator of March Madness and sold the first national basketball tournament to the NCAA for a ridiculously low price.  Although, its hard to blame the NABC, who would of suspected someone would be willing to pay $11 billion dollars just to show it on TV 70 years later.…


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Vancouver Prep Basketball

Vancouver Prep is looking for men ages 17-24 who are looking to potentially receive a college or university scholarship. The prep team is going into its second season and is looking to fill spots, Vancouver B.C., Canada

for more information call. 403.391.0212

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Sports Parents

Most coaches can tell you horror stories about nightmare sports parents.  If you have been coaching long enough you more than likely had one.  The article below examines the characteristics of a crazy sports parent along with the traits that make an ideal sports parent.  A great read if you're a coach and interact with parents on a daily basis and also if your own kid is involved in sports.…


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Bill Self Kansas 5 Out Zone Plays

These 3 plays are for attacking a zone defense and use the 5 out set. The first play is called Wing Entry. The ball goes to the 5 on the left wing. Then the 5 throws a skip pass to the 4 on the opposite wing and cuts to right elbow where he gets the ball back. Then the 2 cuts from the right corner to the hoop and gets an inside pass for an easy basket.…


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Advanced Statistics in College Basketball

This is a very interesting article from NBC Sports about the use of advanced basketball statistics in college basketball. The statistics are used to further analyze the true value and contribution of  the "top" players when they're on the court. The article includes an example about a star freshman this year. Do you think these statistics make sense in college hoops? Should the way we value players be more based on the analysis these statistics provide?…


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A day with college basketball coach Tom Izzo

A Detroit News reporter followed Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo on a busy day of meetings, practice and recruiting trips. Great inside view of what big time college basketball coaches do on a daily basis. It's obviously a lot more than just practice. Really interesting about MSU's hooked up travel van.…


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Syracuse Director of Basketball Operations Job

The Director of Basketball Operations job at Syracuse has just been posted.  The job pays between $65,000 - $75,000 per year.  I'll bet there is some additional money thrown in with camps and such. If you want to submit your resume or just check out the job posting follow the link below.

Syracuse Director of Basketball Operations Job Posting

Application deadline is 02/07/2013 - get those resumes…


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Middle Schooler with Down Syndrome Knocks Down 3's on SportsCenter

Awesome story out of Rochester Hills, Michigan about aMiddle School student with Down Syndrome knocking down a couple of threes in game and making it on to the SportsCenter top 10. GREAT READ!

There was also an interview on SportsCenter with his dad who seems like a good dude.  I will see if I can find it.

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The Great Shooting Footwork Debate

The Great Shooting Footwork Debate: Hop vs 1-2

                To hop or 1-2, that is the question.  I don’t think that Shakespeare had that in mind when he wrote Hamlet, but for us coaches and the need to develop good shooting fundamentals in our players, it is the question. Some of the shooting gurus you’ll see out there, advocate one exclusively over the other. Traditionalists seem to prefer the 1-2 while the newer generation prefers the hop.  This is where the…


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Play of the Day-Texas 3

This is a zone play that uses the standard 3 out 2 in set up. First, the 1 sends the ball over to the 3 on the right wing. Then the 3 passes is it back to the 1 who swings it over to the 2 on the left wing while the 4 and 5 switch places on the blocks. After passing back to the 1, the 3 cuts along the baseline all the way around to the left corner and gets a pass from the 2 for an open shot.…


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3 Tom Izzo Man to Man Sets

The first set is called Post Iso and uses the 1-4 High set up. The 3 runs around the 5 at the right elbow, cuts back out to the right wing, and receives a pass from the 1. The 1 cuts through the paint to the left corner. The 4 cuts to the top while the 5 picks for the 3. The 3 dribbles around the pick, and passes to the 4 up top. The 5 rolls off his screen to the hoop and should get a pass down low. He should have an easy shot or a one-on-one situation in the post.…


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Increasing Team Performance

There are too many competitors who are striving to become the best. Those that are the best must continue to work and fight to be the best or they will soon be overtaken. You need to strive to be the best in one or more areas such as the defense, offense, transition etc. If a team does not take on this challenge, it will soon become extinct or left far behind.

Great teams who remain competitive in one or more areas do not sit around patting themselves on the back, for they know that…


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