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Basketball Drills for Kids

We are in the process of compiling a list of basketball drills for kids to help youth basketball coaches. Below you will find some videos and links to basketball drills we found on our site. Most of these drills are pretty basic and don't require any advanced skills.  They are geared for developing the basics of the game including ball handling,  layups and progressing to players creating their own shot. If any coaches have other basketball drills for kids that we could add to this…


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Basketball Conditioning Drills

In celebration of NCAA basketball teams beginning practice and high basketball season being just around the corner we have compiled some of the basketball conditioning drills members have posted on our site  and also a few from around the web. Some of the basketball conditioning drills are for youth basketball while others are better suited for older, more advanced players.  Either way you should be able to find some drills that will help your players get ready for the upcoming season.  Best…


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Semi Professional Basketball Tryouts

We are still looking for few more players to attend our tryouts this weekend in Knoxville, TN on October 20th and next weekend in Terre Haute, IN on October 27th or 28th. A good opportunity for players who has aspirations of playing professional basketball. A new team wanting to fill an entire roster. We are looking for all positions.If you have any players available and looking to play at the next level, call me at 865-314-2106 or email me at geoffreydmallory@gmail.com. 

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6'3 combo guard.

Hey Coaches. I have a very talented combo guard who is looking to play in the states next year. He is from Red Deer Alberta and attends Lindsay Thurber highschool.  Let me know if you are looking for more information.

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Man to Man Set

Play is called Arizona. Set up with the point guard at the top with the 2 in the left corner and the 5 on the left wing. The 3 is in the right corner, and the 4 is on the right wing. It starts with the 5 and 4 cutting to the middle to set screens for the 2 and 3 who pop out to the wings. Ideal shot is for the 2 guard around the free throw line.

Arizona Man…


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Entrepreneur Turned Pro Hoops Player Buys Team

This is actually a pretty interesting story about a guy, Adam House, that sold a tech company and ended up pursuing a professional basketball career.  After making the team an opportunity came to buy a stake in the team which he did.  So essentially the guy is a reserve player and also the CEO.  We should probably ask this guy to help us grow HoopCoach but unfortunately House played basketball at Brother Rice High School a rival in my playing days and also as a coach.…


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True example of what it means to be a coach

Great article about Richmond coach Chris Mooney stepping up for one of his team managers when she needed him most.  Coach Mooney is clearly the kind of coach a parent would want their child to play for.  Awesome story.…


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Anyone get a new coaching job this season?

Let us know so we can share with the site!

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The basketball players’ personality and stress

The common efforts are easily borne by the players if they rise progressively and the players can adapt themselves to the situations. When these efforts are too big, they take too long time or they imply other mechanisms not trained enough/not learned, a disturbance of the equilibrium occurs, a momentary disorder appears or a more deep reaction of stress.

The occupational stress is not necessarily a negative phenomenon, a moderate level may become a very important motivating factor and…


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Flow State

The coaching course I am enrolled in at Xavier University provided some interesting points from today's lecture discussing coaching philosophy and athletes that find the zone.

"Mastery of one's craft and intense concentration are necessary, but they are not sufficient. For if there is one defining characteristic of the zone, a sine qua non, it is that it is effortless and unpredictable, a kind of state of grace. You cannot get into the zone through an act of will;…


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Best way to become a scout?

Hey coaches. I am from Canada and I am really wanting to become a scout for a Pro team or international club team.  What is the best way to go about that do you think. I am currently coaching and breaking up game film.  Any response would be great!

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Semi Professional Basketball Tryouts

I will be having a couple basketball tryouts for a new semi professional team starting in 2013. We are looking to fill a roster for an exhibition team right now. We will be playing a an exhibition schedule this year. The team will be located in Terre Haute, IN. The first Tryout will be held in Knoxville, TN on October 20, 2012 and the second one will held on October 27th or 28th in Terre Haute, IN. If players attend both, their chances are better to make the exhibition team and good…


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Dribble drive offense

hey guys, 

we are using a dribble drive offense this year at the college i am coaching at. has anyone else used a dribble drive offense at their club/team? I know that it can be effective if you have good ball handlers and a couple of good shooters......I also think that it will take the players a little while to learn the options and be able to make the right reads when doing the dribble drive.

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Basketball and Geometry


Good day coaches. Hope all is well. I'm currently working on a project that caught my attention a couple years ago. I'm studying and analyzing how geometry and basketball co-exist. What I see is when the game is being played, it creates different angles and shapes based upon the movement, spacing and the abilities of players. When play is happening whether it be on offense or defense, angles and shapes are being created. Offensive and defensive plays are created based upon different… Continue

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Late nights.... early mornings

had my first college practice as a coach last night. The coaches stayed late to get the practice plan done for today's practice. By the time I got home it was pretty late, then the baby was up crying a lot of the night..... Had to be up early this morning for my regular job (3rd grade teacher)...... takes a lot of sacrifices but am so glad for the opportunity to coach college basketball!

Added by Sam Sisley on October 2, 2012 at 8:20am — 1 Comment

First practice as a college coach today!

hey guys,

tonight starts my official journey as a small college coach. We start official practice today. We had a long coaches meeting last night where we went over the playbook and breakdown drills that can be used in practice. I am mostly working with the jv team so we had to make sure that we were on the same page as the varsity team. We are going to be using a dribble drive offense this year, we have some good driving guards as well as some good shooters on the…


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Patient Spouse - a necessity for a college coach

I am staring out of the window and it is dark since its 5:45 in the morning and I was thinking man I am lucky! I get to do something I love but its not even that I was thinking about its my family, my wife lives in a different part of the state with our 2 children, she works a full time job and takes care of our kids which are 1 and 3 months old. Even more she took off a semester from school so I could do this. I just think it is amazing when you get blessed with backbones like…


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Play of the Day-Oregon

This is a quick-hitter play for a quick basket. It uses the basic 3 out 2 in set up. The 1 sends the ball over to the 3 on the left wing, and the 2 cuts down and around the baseline to the right corner off screens from the 5 and 4 on the blocks. The 3 passes the ball back up top to the 1, and the 5 cuts up to the right elbow. The 1 dribbles around the right elbow, using the 5 as a ball screen, and the 4 gets out of the lane. The 5 rolls left after setting the screen. The 1 can take it…


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Recruiting the West Coast

ZZZZZZZZZZZ.....Sorry I think I fell asleep. Recently this has became my life NO SLEEP! Its extreme the amount of work it takes in the coaching profession. I know some may do just fine but for me I know that if my team doesnt win it will be very hard to find better jobs. Wins+Network= Better Jobs. I love my job but I can't work for nothing forever even though I would if I could. I dont sleep because I spend 6 1/2 hours making calls I usually make calls from 5-1130 (west coast is an hour…


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Cold Calling Recruits - D3 Recruiting

Ever heard coaches say too many hours for the pay in Coaching? I can understand your concerns now. I worked until 11 p.m. make calls to recruits at 10 I start making calls to the west coast due to the time zone difference. I love it though this is what I signed up for 100% but it is hard I would be lying if I said otherwise. Recruiting is hard I love to talk to people so thats easy but as a D3 coach it is hard totally because of the no athletic scholarships. Example I cold called a kid who…


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