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More Zone Defense in College Basketball

Likely due to the rules changes and excessive whistles in college basketball this season there is statistical data of college coaches embracing the once taboo zone defense.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal there has already been a 6% increase in zone defense possessions this season in college basketball - up to 21.6% of possessions from 15.6% last season.  My…


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Ken Pom's report on the effect of the NCAA rules changes

Ken Pom did an analysis on his blog on the effect of the defensive rule changes in NCAA basketball and their effect on scoring.  He discovered that scoring is in deed up this season but that is not the full story. Most glaring was the fact that while scoring was up, there have been almost nine more free throw attempts per 40 minutes than at the same time last season.  Essentially, the refs blowing the whistle every time down the floor has…


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HoopMetrics – Revolutionizing Basketball Statistics

After nearly a year of development, we are excited to announce the release of HoopMetrics, the most advanced basketball statistics software available.

The app expands on basic statistics by quantifying player strengths and weaknesses that are difficult to recognize. It identifies the players that don’t necessarily light up the stat sheet but when are on the floor, good things happen. How much did an individual player contribute to a win? It’s effortless to…


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Advanced Basketball Statistics - APBRmetrics

I am reading the book Moneyball ahead of the movie coming out and naturally my thoughts turned to a way to apply Sabremetrics to…


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