The first play is called Corners 52. It uses the 4 out 1 in set. The ball goes over to the 2 on the left wing, and the 5 cuts up from the left block to set a screen on the defender on the left elbow. The 2 penetrates while the 4 cuts under the hoop from the opposite corner. The 2 can go for a pull up jumper, pass it to the 3 in the corner, or pass it to the 4 underneath for an inside bucket.

Corners 52

The next play is called Chicago. The 2 and 3 start on the left and right wings, and the 4 and 5 start on the left and right blocks. The 2 makes a V-cut and receives the ball on the wing. The 3 cuts down toward the right corner. The 4 and 5 cross and set picks on the defenders. The 3 runs behind the screen, and the 2 throws a pass to him under the basket.


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