Rick Pitino is pissed teams are leaving the Big East

Rick Pitino is firing shots at the Big East members that left for the ACC.  Not only is he speaking his mind he's also laying out some compelling facts. On his blog, Pitino asks "Didn’t they check Boston College’s championship totals since leaving the BIG EAST -- one, in soccer in 2005".  Good question.


He also wants the Big East to quickly secure four football schools to join the conference. His suggestions:

"Central Florida?  Is Baylor or Iowa State next?  What about Kansas and Kansas State?  Personally, I like Memphis being tossed into the mix. Great basketball tradition (much needed with Syracuse and Pitt leaving), but they must guarantee an upgrade of their football program, which is definitely possible."


Here's a link to the actual Big East tyrade - but be careful if you do go to the site.  I failed to heed the music warning from Matt Norlander on CBSSports and consequently almost got fired from the absurd music blaring from his site.

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