Assistant Coach Women's Basketball | Loyola Marymount University



Posted: 04-Apr-22

Location: Los Angeles, California

Type: Full-time

Required Education: 4 Year Degree



Coaching – Basketball


Collegiate Sports

Provide assistance to Head Coach in recruiting and training student athletes who participate in the Women’s Basketball program. •Determine, target, develop, and establish recruiting area and networks. Recruit athletically and academically qualified student athletes. Assign and coordinate schedules and travel to best cover recruiting goals. •Plan and conduct team and individual practice and training sessions as required. •Assist in event scheduling, travel arrangements, budget, home event management, facility use as directed. •Monitor initial and continuing academic eligibility. •Project a positive image of LMU Athletics and the University with the LMU and the extended community. •Assist with fundraising, marketing, and promotional activities as required/directed. •Develop and establish community involvement. •Participate in public relations activities

  • Demonstrated coaching expertise in planning and directing a skilled and successful athletic team
  • Proven ability to interact with a wide array of socio-economic backgrounds, work within the policies and procedures of the university environment, establish and manage goals, operate as a team player within a group. Ability to travel long distances via a variety of modes or several days.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the areas of:
    Sports skills
    Teaching and Training techniques
    Organizational skills
    Personnel management and staff
    Financial planning
    Interpersonal skills
    Computer Skills
    NCAA rules