Assistant Men's Basketball Coach / Carver Center Director | AUGUSTANA COLLEGE

Carver Center Director:

* Manage facility calendars and communication of schedules for all Carver Center activities including, but not limited to, intercollegiate athletic events, practices, conferences and meetings; staffing, set-­up and breakdown for events in accordance with league, conference and NCAA regulations; collaborating with various athletic department staff and coaches, external groups and vendors.

* Serve as the liaison to other athletic department areas including, but not limited to, sports information, athletic training and equipment as it pertains to game day operations.

* Assist with day-­to-­day maintenance of all athletic department facilities.

* Supervision of game day staff required for set-up and take-down for home athletic contests and special events.

* Apply critical thinking skills to assist Athletic Director with creation and implementation of strategies for event coordination and playing and practice season activities.

* Other duties as assigned

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach:

* Plan, conduct and evaluate practice activities for designated players. Provide group and individual assistance in a manner that engages the athletes and builds commitment to the program.

* Work collaboratively with other members of the coaching staff to integrate efforts and create program success. Assist other staff members with activities as need to reach the goals of the team.

* Meet with prospective students and their family members both on campus and at remote locations. Provide advice and counsel on the admissions process, the Augustana experience and the integral role of the student athlete in overall campus life.

* Provide feedback to assigned staff members and student workers on work performance and overall effectiveness. Create teaching curriculums for physical education activity courses as assigned during the academic year. Find ways to engage students in learning activities.

* Other duties as assigned