Assistant Women's Basketball Coach | Franklin & Marshall College

The Assistant Coach is responsible for assisting the Head Coach by providing effective leadership and day-to-day administration for the sport while fostering skill development and teamwork among student athletes.

Primary responsibilities include:

– Providing instruction, mentoring and guidance to student athletes to allow them to develop their athletic skills and abilities to maximum potential.

– Assisting the Head Coach in evaluating athletic ability and performance.

– Providing assistance in scheduling and organizing games and providing coaching during these games.

– Assuring that equipment and practice plans are prepared in advance of practice sessions.

– Assisting in making travel, meal and lodging arrangements for team members during ‘away’ games.

– Coordinating practice schedules as requested.

– Providing assistance to the Head Coach in the recruitment of new student athletes by identifying and maintaining contact with promising student athletes and helping to coordinate recruitment trips.

The Assistant Coach must have a thorough knowledge and conscientious adherence to the rules and regulations of the NCAA, the Centennial Conference, Title IX and equal opportunity regulations, FERPA, and all applicable College policies and practices.

The Assistant Coach must cooperate with Health Services and Athletic Trainers to assure injured athletes receive proper treatment and understands that all medical decisions related to a student athlete’s health and well being is the responsibility of the team physician and Certified Athletic Trainers and all final decisions regarding participation in practice and games lies with the medical staff. All known medical history related to injury or illness must be reported to the medical staff.

Regular attendance at games, practices and meetings is required.