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Charting Broken Plays – A Teaching Tool

A sneaky good way to further separate oneself from the pack is recognizing, understanding and appreciating the significant number of plays a game fall into the category of “broken plays” and then imparting this knowledge on to one’s players.

Defining a broken play isn’t exactly easy and will vary somewhat from coach to coach and system to system but maybe we can agree on the simple definition of “anything unplanned or generally unexpected”.

Many of us tend to practice our offenses and defenses as if they will occur in a “perfect world”.  But, we all know that “stuff happens”. We also inherently understand that certain coaches, players and teams have “good stuff happen” more than others.

Talent being equal, how does this happen?  A list of just some factors follows:

No matter the philosophy, system or style of play, broken plays happen on a regular basis.  Coaches who understand and stress that on a day to day basis have an advantage over those who don’t.  Taking the time this summer to chart this aspect in last season’s games will give one an analytical basis to the premise.  


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