Create An Exciting Gym With a Digital Scoring Table

Scorers TableOne thing all high school, college and even professional athletic programs have in common is they want to create an environment to attract both the best athletes and fans. Different gadgets, games and contests can be incorporated between timeouts and halftime, but those generally don’t have anything to do with enhancing the actual game environment and making people come back to the gym. What if we told you we could create an unmatched game environment in your gym just by incorporating an interactive digital scorer’s table?

Scoring tables generally aren’t the most exciting part of a sporting event, but with Sideline Interactive scorer’s table, fans, students and athletes alike will be more engaged than ever before. With game film highlights, scoreboard, advertising and other digital media to loop throughout the course of a game, you can always ensure everyone in the gym is engaged in a positive way.

Attract the Best Student-Athletes

Imagine how good a student athlete would feel if he or she saw their own highlight reel on the scorer’s table screen before, during or after a game. With a Sideline Interactive LED or HDTV scoring table screen, you can play highlight film from your own personal video camera or sites like HUDL and Krossover.

There’s something about an amateur athlete seeing their own highlight reel that makes them feel more energized about playing in the game. Like in a professional setting, athletes always want to create the best highlights. Amateur athletes would increase their level of play and want to come play for your basketball or volleyball program if they saw how high tech every game is.

The biggest part about creating an exciting game environment and attracting the best athletes is the atmosphere. When you consistently have a crowd that’s engaged, your program will be elevated above other programs.

Kids Want What They See on TV

With the amount of media and screens available to athletes today, most of them want to see their own faces on different highlight platforms. Some of the top athletes in the state or country have their highlight film on different recruiting websites, but now any and all athletes on a team can see their highlights in a game environment.

Think about it, any time there is a big play in a basketball game or any other sporting event, everyone is celebrating. With a Sideline Interactive scorer’s table, you can get them on their feet with crowd prompts such as “Three Points”, “Slam Dunk”, “Make Some Noise”. Or you can highlight which player made a big play by flashing the athlete’s Roster Picture and Stats. This is something many high schools and small colleges across the country don’t have, and could give your gym the feel of a big time professional venue.

Fans Will Love The Interaction!

No matter what level of sporting event you’re talking about, fans want to feel like they are a part of the game. Advertising is valuable to fund any program, but the advertisements needs to be used in a creative way to make the fans remember them.

You can also get creative with how you use your digital scorer’s table by getting fans involved. Many professional and collegiate sporting events have things like the kiss cam, dance cam and a variety of other methods of getting the fans involved. This could be brought to your gym with an scorers table.

Adults with kids may like going to sporting events, but can’t go to as many as they would like because their kids don’t cooperate. With a Sideline Interactive scorer’s table, you can keep kids on edge by showing them on camera or incorporating them in different ways. When you are able to entertain kids as well as adults, you’ll be able to sell more tickets, create a game environment that’s second-to-none and pack your gym for every event.

Unique Sponsorship Opportunities

When you’re consistently packing your gym for any type of sporting event, potential sponsors will notice. Many small local businesses will provide sponsorships just to support their local school. However, you can obtain more widespread and unique sponsorship opportunities when you can guarantee hundreds, or even thousands, of people will see your advertisements several times in the span of a couple hours.

And if a company not currently sponsoring your program has an employee at the exciting game atmosphere, you can almost guarantee you’ll get a sponsorship from them soon. By packing the gym consistently and creating a fun family environment, you’ll be attracting some of the best sponsors who want to be a part of the program you’ve built or are currently building.

With a Sideline Interactive scorer’s table, you can offer different sponsorship opportunities as well. Whether it’s an advertisement that shows up on the screen for a few seconds or a stationary advertisement that remains visible the entire game, you can create different price points for companies. Not only will the scorer’s table pay for itself through creative advertising, but you’ll be able to fund other parts of your program as well.

You Have Control Over the Game Environment

With a Sideline Interactive scorer’s table, you have direct control over the game environment in your gym. Find out what your fans want to see and hear by trying out different things. Whether they like to see highlights, crowd prompts, athlete pictures, music or anything else, you have the freedom to make the environment as exciting as you want it to be.

The days of an advertisement getting buried in the back of a program guide are over. An interactive scorer’s table is the best of both worlds since the athletes will be more excited to play in the game, fans will be more excited about attending games and sponsors will be rushing to get their name on the board.

The capabilities of a Sideline Interactive scorers table are endless. If you have goals to create an exciting game environment in your gym with different creative opportunities, then you owe it to your program to make the plunge and invest in one. The digital scorer’s table will pay for itself in no time.

Any Thoughts, Coach?