Cross Baseline Out of Bounds Play

This man baseline out of bounds play uses screens to create several options for an open shot. The 4 and 5 start on the wings, and the 2 starts at the free throw line. The 1 lines up behind the 2, and the 3 inbounds the ball.

  1. First, the 4 and 5 cut to the inside. The 4 picks for the 1 and the 5 picks for the 2.
  2. The 2 cuts out the wing. This is one pass option for an open shot. The 1 also cuts off his screen and goes toward the hoop, creating an option for an inside layup.
  3. Then the 5 sets a screen for the 4 at the top. If the 1 doesn’t get a pass, he moves out to the corner.
  4. The 4 cuts off the screen from the 5 to the basket. This is the third option for a pass.
  5. Then the 5 follows the 4 to the hoop on the opposite side of the key, becoming the last option.

Cross– man baseline out of bounds play animation

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