Head Coach Men's Basketball | Delaware State University

Essential Functions 
The following are the functions essential to performing this job. 
1. Demonstrated success in scouting, talent assessment, and recruitment of academically astute student-athletes. 
2. Monitoring of academic progress of team members. 
3. Knowledge of and commitment to compliance within the scope of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) rules and regulations. 
4. Promotion of the basketball program within the state, region, national and international landscape. 
5. Must be able to manage and facilitate the day-to-day operations of its budget and exercise fiscal judgment as it pertains to yearly expenses and revenue generation. 
6. Commitment to a student-centered philosophy that emphasizes character, social development, and good citizenship, on and off the court. 
7.  Oversee the strength and conditioning program for the student-athletes.

Other Functions 
Individuals in this job may be assigned one or more of the following tasks on a rotating or as-needed basis. A successful candidate will be able to achieve the following:

1. Engage in public speaking and fundraising events throughout the year. 
2. Be a team player in the athletic department, promote teamwork, and achieve department-wide goals and strategic initiatives. 
3. Plan efficiently and possess the ability to motivate their team to work collectively and compete toward common goals. 
4. On an annual basis, create a Basketball summer camp to promote fundamental basketball skills and awareness. 
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 
A successful candidate must demonstrate that they can perform the job’s essential functions, with or without reasonable accommodation. 
1. Communicate effectively, orally, and in writing. 
2. Contemporary use of technology. 
3. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships within a diverse environment. 

Qualification Standards 
1. Education: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree preferred. 
2. Successful experience: Three to five years’ experience as a successful assistant/associate coach or one to two years as a successful head coach. 
3. Other preferences: Previous collegiate playing experience is desirable but not required. 

Performance Standards 
The criteria for an evaluation in this position include, but are not limited to, the following: 
1. A competitive program regularly in the top tier of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) with demonstrated championship success. 
2. An unwavering commitment to advancing the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of Delaware State University. 
3. Reliable attendance and work-related results. 
4. Effective interaction with co-workers and holding assistant coaches accountable for their work-related goals and objectives. 
5. High academic performance, outstanding academic performance, a culture of winning the right way, a commitment to the local community. 
6. Demonstrate knowledge of management principles and excellent customer service skills. 

Note: The University reserves the right to change or reassign job duties as provided in policy and negotiated agreements.