Head Men's Basketball Coach | Finlandia University

The Head Coach will be responsible for recruiting qualified students for a competitive NCAA DIII varsity men’s basketball team, scheduling and coaching intercollegiate games, and scheduling practice preparation. The Head Coach must demonstrate a vision for the men’s basketball program at Finlandia University. The Head Coach should foster student personal growth and development, as well academic and athletic achievement. The Head Coach is viewed as a mentor and advocate of equity and diversity within the Athletic Department.

Essential Responsibilities: 1.Recruitment and retention of 15 program specific student-athletes to the university in the sport of men’s basketball. 2.Collaborate with the athletic academic coordinator and university faculty to monitor academic progress of student-athletes to ensure that athletic eligibility and academic standards are maintained. 3.Provide leadership to ensure that athletes conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with university and athlete codes of conduct, working directly with the Director of Athletics, Dean of Students, and related staff of the Student Development Division. 4.Secure a schedule of competition for the men’s basketball team, to be approved by the Director of Athletics, with appropriate NCAA, NAIA and/or NCCAA colleges and universities. 5.Arrange travel and lodging accommodations for away competitions and submit appropriate documentation and substantiation per university protocols. 6.Submit travel plans and budget requests for all recruitment and athletic competition activities to the Director of Athletics. 7.Report game scores to the Sports Information Director. 8.Oversee team budgets and operate teams within budget limits. 9.Develop and promote camp/clinic programs designed for youth skill enhancement. 10.Assist the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator develop, implement, and monitor conditioning and skills enhancement programs designed to improve student athletic ability and performance. 11.Adhere to all NCAA Division III rules and regulations governing collegiate athletics and the sport of men’s basketball. 12.Supervise and direct associate and/or assistant men’s basketball personnel. 13.Adhere to university policies and procedures. 14.Demonstrate support for and engagement with Finlandia’s strategic vision to become more fully a whole learning community accompanying the whole student toward a whole life. 15.Work collegially and professionally with students, employees and external constituents. 16.Perform other duties as required and/or assigned.