Head Men's Basketball Coach/Instructor | Murray State College


Posted: 31-Mar-22

Location: Tishomingo , Oklahoma

Type: Full-time

Required Education: Masters



Coaching – Basketball


Collegiate Sports

General Description/Primary Purpose:

Provide excellent instruction in college health, wellness, and physical education courses and contribute to campus-wide activities by performing essential functions as listed below.

Classification:  Faculty Exempt- Exact placement depends on academic level and qualifying experience.

Appointment:  10 month appoint- renewable annually.

Qualification Standards:

  1.   Health, Wellness, and Human Performance Instructor Requirements:
    1. Earned Master’s degree with specialization in Health and Wellness, Exercise Science/Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Sports Administration, or related field with at least 18 graduate hours in discipline and/or combination of education and experience.  
    2. Successful teaching experience at the high school and/or college levels.
    3. Experience with field and/or clinical supervision in exercise science, exercise physiology or sport pedagogy.

2. Preferred Experience:

    1. Demonstrated competence in coaching previous experience on the college level preferred/or by having a successful high school tenure/or by demonstrating a knowledge of the game through college varsity participation
    2. Experience and/or training in teaching students from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds.

3. Professionalism:  A Murray State College faculty is expected to demonstrate dedication to teaching and to show professional competence and enthusiasm in the performance of all responsibilities.

4.  Essential Job Functions

  1. primary responsibility:  teach 6 hours per semester which could include courses at the Tishomingo or Ardmore campus.  
  2. maintain an up-to-date and complete syllabus for each course taught
  3. direct all phases of the Men’s Basketball program including:  recruiting, scheduling, and academically advising students in this sport.  
  4. produce and direct summer men’s basketball camps 
  5. scouting and fundraising at the discretion of the Athletic Director
  6. develop and teach courses in academic discipline

General Faculty Job Functions:

  1. Demonstrate scholarly standards of academic excellence and rigor, and exhibit the traits befitting that of a distinguished faculty member
  2. Demonstrate experience and/or willingness to learn and use state-of-the-art technology in the delivery of instruction and other office duties.
  3. Demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity as it impacts curricula and instructional practices and show a willingness to work effectively in a culturally diverse workplace and not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, religion, disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran.
  4. Support the mission of the college.
  5. Promote and maintain a positive attitude of service toward students, coworkers and others.
  6. Participate in community service activities and programs.
  7. Promote and support service learning activities.
  8. Develop and use assessment of student learning methods at least every two weeks and contribute to campus-wide assessment projects.
  9. Use appropriate evaluation instruments to measure student progress at specified intervals.
  10. Maintain in coordination with other department faculty (adjunct and fulltime) an up-to-date, complete, and well-organized syllabus for each course taught as set forth by the Office of Academic Affairs. 
  11. Develop and maintain curricula that appropriately reflect current knowledge in the discipline. 
  12. Cooperate with departmental faculty in the selection of textbooks and teaching materials.
  13. Maintain a minimum of six scheduled office hours.  Provide flexible office hours by appointment to accommodate students’ schedules when necessary.
  14. Include a writing component in each course and encourage students to utilize the “Help Center”.
  15. Incorporate the use of the MSC library in all courses and make recommendations for library purchases.
  16. Assist in recommending purchases and maintaining an accurate inventory of all equipment and supplies.
  17. Actively support clubs and extra-curricular activities.
  18. Serve on and contribute to campus-wide committees.
  19. Support the President’s Scholars Program.
  20. Implement strategies to enhance college recruitment, retention, and graduation rates.
  21. Participate in applicable professional development activities, including the All Employee Meetings.
  22. Carry out assigned duties and responsibilities and duties associated with the annual interscholastic contest.
  23. Following institutional policy, efficiently use a work study position(s) (when available) to help in the accomplishment of other general responsibilities.
  24. Serve as a mentor to adjunct faculty.
  25. Attain ability to commute to distance learning sites.
  26. Participate in strategic planning initiatives (including Taskstream) and align instructional, program, and departmental goals with the MSC Strategic Plan. 
  27. Contribute to the overall institutional focus to perpetuate student success.
  28. Support the institutional General Education program.
  29. Perform other duties as may be assigned by supervisors.