Head Women's Basketball Coach | Cedarville University


The head coach will help foster a distinctive culture in competitive athletics that commissions student-athletes to impact the world for Christ. Areas of oversight include: spiritual leadership, coaching staff development, the purchase and inventory of equipment, scouting, recruiting, physical training, planning, scheduling, and fiscal management of the program. The head coach will lead a team that displays excellence in competition, academics, community service, and campus leadership.


Spiritual Leadership

  • Actively support University and athletic department direction and leadership.
  • Create intentional spiritual development program for team, including a plan for individual discipleship, team Bible studies, ministry opportunities and mission trips. This plan will be shared electronically with the athletic director at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Develop a plan to mentor assistant coaches, managers, and other program staff.
  • Team members and coaching staff will strive to reflect the Athletic Department core values: Love for God. Love for People. Excellence in Effort. Integrity in Conduct.


  • Instruct, direct and oversee athletes for preseason, in-season, and offseason conditioning and skill development as permitted by NCAA legislation.
  • Identify, contact and host prospective student-athletes; network with high school and club coaches; collaborate with admissions office through appropriate channels; year-round expectation in accordance with university and NCAA guidelines ?
  • Meet the roster minimums shared by the athletic director. When determining roster numbers above the minimum, commit to maintaining a high level of care for student-athletes, fulfilling other responsibilities outlined in this position description, and working within the budget.

Student Athlete Welfare

  • In conjunction with athletic training, develop a plan to address the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social welfare of student-athletes, including education and methods for addressing harassment or discrimination
  • Support the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
  • Create an engagement plan for both campus and local community involvement. Where applicable, will embrace the athletic department’s involvement with each.


  • Schedule practices, scrimmages and games in cooperation with athletic department policy
  • Manage facility set up for team practices
  • Initiate timely communication with appropriate athletic administrators and support staff regarding events, schedules, care of student-athletes, sports information, finances and other areas
  • Coordinate travel plans and supervision of student athletes for off-campus contests
  • Manage team uniform and equipment purchases
  • Submit necessary information or reports as requested by the athletic administrative office in a timely manner, including sport information, compliance, budget information, etc.
  • Direct and oversee JV program (if applicable), including eligibility and NCAA compliance, recruiting, scheduling and student-athlete welfare
  • Compliance

  • Create a plan to address student-athlete academic performance, working with the compliance office to monitor academic progress and motivate them to meet their academic responsibilities and goals
  • Commit to established NCAA, G-MAC, and university rule compliance as well as ethical standards of behavior, keeping current on all policies especially as they apply to recruiting eligibility and finances (violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment)
  • Maintain team roster and annual competition schedule in compliance with NCAA, G-MAC and university regulations
  • Report any NCAA, G-MAC, and university rule violations to the compliance office
  • Finance

  • Oversee team budget (provided by university) and commit to working within it per fiscal year.
  • Commit to timely submission of all paperwork (including receipts) related to the budget.
  • Fundraise to balance the team budget over what is provided by the university; participate in athletic department campaigns for projects that benefit all student-athletes as needed
  • Direct sport specific Yellow Jacket Sports Camp in cooperation with athletic department policy
  • Other

  • Consider team participation in NCCAA postseason
  • Complete paperwork for NCCAA scholar-athlete consideration and other NCCAA awards
  • Regularly attend athletic department monthly meetings and events such as Hall of Fame Inductions and the Golden Jacket Awards.
  • Attend appropriate NCAA, G-MAC, and NCCAA coaches meetings and conferences, including ?annual continuing-education programs held by the NCAA and/or G-MAC
  • Other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.

    All job applicants should be aware that Cedarville University is a private religious employer, which holds specific doctrinal positions. All employees of Cedarville University must be in full agreement with the doctrinal positions of the University and agree to live by workplace lifestyle standards. The University reserves the right to refuse or discontinue employment to any individual who does not agree with the doctrinal positions of the University or abide by the General Workplace Standards and Community Covenant. Employees are to meet the general hiring expectations of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Employees are further expected to maintain membership and service in a local church of like faith and practice to the University’s doctrinal positions, consistent with the University’s Church Membership Expectations.