Head Women's Basketball Coach | University of Chicago

1) Teach sport-specific skills individually to develop athletes progressively. Teach tactical skill and strategy collectively to optimize team performance. Demonstrate a philosophy that emphasizes academic priorities and holistic development for student-athletes.

2) Serve as a mentor and advisor to student-athletes through open communication, providing expectations while holding all accountable consistently, and fostering a team culture that defines the team and aims to develop athletes holistically as young adults.

3) Conceive, implement, and supervise strategies to recruit academically and athletically qualified prospective student-athletes in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations. Communicate and work with the Admissions Office through the application and matriculation process of prospective student-athletes.

4) Develop and execute a strategy for a nationally competitive women’s basketball team. Implement plans and strategies during practices and competition by teaching and developing student-athletes.

5) Oversee the plan for each basketball season, including competitive schedules and practices, i.e., scheduling facilities, administration of practice schedule, overseeing travel arrangements for away competition, any necessary communication with officials.

6) Counsel team members in academic, disciplinary and interpersonal matters; consult with appropriate Department and University members.

7) In conjunction with strength staff, assist in developing training and conditioning programs.

8) Organize all practice sessions to enhance team performance. Evaluate individual performance and provide leadership and instruction in areas of deficiency.

9) Supervise and evaluate the full-time assistant coach and voluntary staff. Direct and coordinate the activities of assistant coaches in recruiting, team management and practice and game planning in compliance with University, conference and NCAA policies and regulations.

10) Manage operating budget. Determine fiscal requirements and prepare budgetary recommendations; monitor, verify and reconcile expenditures of budgeted funds.

11) Serve as leader for the women’s basketball program and articulate the vision to respective stakeholders and University representatives.

12) Assist as needed to raise funds to support the women’s basketball program and Department.

13) Remain current with sport developments and trends and rules of the sport; participate in professional development through coaching organizations, clinics, conventions, and other applicable meetings.

14) Perform related duties as assigned.