Head Women's Basketball Coach | William Penn University

William Penn University provides the opportunity for an educational experience with a focus on leadership, technology, and the Quaker principles of simplicity, peace-making, integrity, community, and equality.

These goals identify how the principles listed in the Mission Statement will be pursued and how the University will provide an educational opportunity for its students, through the University’s Academic Programs and Co-Curricular Departments.

Leadership: We will influence others to worthy action
Technology: We will master relevant technology
Simplicity: We will focus on essential ideas and values
Peacemaking: We will understand various view points and be able to respectfully and peaceably embrace, negotiate, or decline those views
Integrity: We will create new and relevant knowledge and methods
Community: We will cooperate, communicate, and coordinate our efforts. We will also participate in communities beyond the University
Equality: We will create the opportunity for all to learn and share their experience