Head Women’s Coach Nazareth College of Rochester

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Job Description Summary:
The head coach is responsible for all facets of program development for the teams. This would include recruiting, schedule development, skill development through appropriate practice structure, alumni relations, budget development and an understanding of all pertinent NCAA rules governing the sport. The coach is also responsible for identifying quality assistant coaches to supplement the teaching of the respective student-athletes. The head coach will also be responsible for game management of fall sports.

Essential Functions:

1. Devise and administer daily, weekly, seasonal practice plans to allow for proper skill development and improvement for overall team success. 2. Gain a thorough understanding of all NCAA rules and regulations and administer the program within this framework. 3. Monitor academic progress of student-athletes and direct them to available resources when necessary. 4. Develop a competition schedule that meets the needs of the team and falls within the framework of the annual budget. 5. Identify and train assistant coaches to work within the framework of the program. experience with some recruiting background.

Required Education, Experience, Technology Applications and Skills

A bachelor’s degree is required. Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of coaching