Men's Head Basketball Coach | Otero Junior College

Founded in 1941, Otero Junior College is located on an attractive 40-acre campus on the southern edge of La Junta, Colorado. [Driving Directions to OJC Campus] Otero Junior College is proud of its reputation as one of the finest community colleges in the State of Colorado. For close to 75 years our students have taken the education they received at OJC to build the foundation for a higher academic degree or have entered the workforce with applicable skills for entry-level employment. OJC is committed to focusing on the future of our students to help build our nation’s next generation of educated and workforce-ready citizens. OJC athletics takes tremendous pride in the fine work accomplished by its student athletes. The athletic teams at OJC combine hard work, persistence, and dedication with the ultimate goal of success in the classroom and on the fields and courts. The athletic teams at OJC have won championships in competition academically and athletically.