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Overlooked and Forgotten Space and Time Concepts

In a past article, “Space and Pace: A Modern Perspective”, we promised some further thoughts on the simple notions of time and space in basketball. Before we do, I’d like to remind readers who are old enough to remember and enlighten those who aren’t that there have been some very successful forbearers to today’s Space and Pace trend.

All along in these discussions, we’ve held that two basic premises are true:

  1. That acquiring and defending space is a primary goal of the game
  2. That space equals time. We’ve spent considerable time to date discussing transition and offensive spacing but in the next month or so we’ll also consider a number of other ways to look at basketball space and time. Discussions will include physical prowess such as speed, quickness, height, length, mass, girth, strength and others; skills such as running, sliding, driving, passing, faking, changing pace and direction and others; and intangibles such as resolution, hustle, preparation, anticipation, spontaneity and others.
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