Simple Partner Conditioning Shooting Drill

Players partner up with a ball Player 1 shoots, gets his own rebound, and passes to Player 2. After passing to Player 2, player 1 sprints to half court and back Player 2 then shoots, gets their own rebound and passes to the Player 1 as they return from half […]

Footwork Shooting Drill

The Drill starts with two lines at opposite wings. One of the lines is a passing line. The first player in the shootng line starts by making a hard cut toward the corner and a jump stop. There he does a reverse pivot and cuts to the block. At the […]

Point Guard Shooting Drill

Simple, effective drill for point guards to work on shooting off the pass, cutting for open shots, and shooting off the dribble. Also helps with conditioning. First the player dribbles to the cone and passes the ball to a coach. Player cuts to the opposite corner, receives a pass, and […]