LaVon Mercer



LaVon Mercer

Where do you coach?

Spelman College

Gender Coached

Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls

Level Coached

NCAA D3, Pro

Playing Experience

High School,NCAA D1,Professional


Short Bio

LaVon C. Mercer, a Georgia native. LaVon was born in Collins Georgia and choose sports at very young age. LaVon was recruited by numerous colleges and universities though he choose to attend the University of Georgia and played there during the years of 1976 until 1980 for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. LaVon was ranked in the top of his class academically as well as athletically. After his collegiate career LaVon spent one season in Italy and fourteen years in Israel. LaVon is recognized as a SEC “South Eastern Conference” and Israeli legend. Through the years of 1980to the present, he has served on several youth committees in the city of Atlanta, Georgia and internationally. The most noted presently is the Friendship games. LaVon was and still is one of the most noted sports figures throughout Europe. You can LaVon’s entire Bio at or Google: LaVon Mercer.