Senior Academic Advisor, Men's Basketball | Tulane University


Posted: 16-Mar-22

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Type: Full-time

Preferred Education: 4 Year Degree



Operations – Academic Support


Collegiate Sports

Internal Number: IRC22973

Position Summary: The Senior Academic Advisor shall provide high quality academic and career advising to men’s basketball student-athletes; comprehensively monitor student academic success and transition; provide professional guidance, consultation and expertise related to career services, career development and related technology; serve as a career coach assisting students develop a personalized plan for the job search process; and develop and manage academic and career advising processes to ensure student success. Recruit, select, train, and supervise student mentors.


1. Function: Provide a High-Quality Advising Experience: advise assigned caseload of men’s basketball student-athletes; meet weekly with members of assigned athletic team regarding academic progress in each class, including performance on tests, quizzes, papers, attendance, etc.; serve as principal contact for all student-athletes in assigned sport as pertains to academic advising; monitor academic progress of assigned student athletes; ensure student satisfaction and success by meeting with students individually throughout the academic year; reviewing degree plans to assure students are progressing satisfactorily; and discussing academic and career development goals with students; advise students on academically related matters to include degree planning, selection of major (s) and minor (s), curricula and core requirements, course scheduling and sequencing, and arranging appropriate academic timelines leading to personal, academic and career goals and success; evaluate student academic background and qualifications, guide student decision making and make appropriate recommendations; recognize students with academic trouble, or personal challenges, or at risk and develop appropriate remedies and inform and/or refer to appropriate individuals and/or services. Monitor students at risk and develop plans to help them succeed; adhere to the concept of advising as a proactive initiative and a form of teaching; learn and implement student development theories and practices as they pertain to academic advising and develop and practice a consistent academic advising philosophy and celebrate student accomplishments, recognize student successes and personal triumphs, and recommend students to scholarships and other awards. (60%)

2. Function: Develop and Manage Academic Advising Processes to Ensure Student Success: ensures that all Department of Athletics and University related activities operate in full compliance with university, conference and NCAA rules and regulations; attends and participates in scheduled compliance seminars and complies with all the Athletic Department’s efforts to monitor compliance with NCAA regulations; assist Compliance in certifying student athlete eligibility; ensures that access to tutoring services and other support services is facilitated and the number and quality of tutors is adequate; seeks interpretations from the compliance staff before acting when necessary; reports potential rules violations immediately; completes required compliance paperwork in a timely and efficient manner; monitors all of their areas and or programs activities closely to maintain compliance with applicable rules and regulations; occasionally travel with respective teams to proctor exams and hold study sessions; distribute and collect books and academic equipment (calculators, laptops, etc.); keep current with policies and procedures related to Academic Advising; process files, academic information, advanced placement credit information of incoming students; maintain written and/or electronic file narratives for future reference, reporting and tracking; develop a system to follow up with students after each visit except during heavy use cycles; process academic advising materials for new students and advise freshmen, transfer students, readmitted students and students returning from leaves of absence; participate in freshman registration; respond to student, parent, faculty, colleagues, administration or other constituent inquiries by phone or email within 24 hours; using skills inventory instruments assess undecided student interests, aptitudes and abilities in order to assist in career and short- and long-term academic planning; develop and follow best practices in time management, variety of student contact methods, and problem solving and maintain a daily schedule that allows students and staff maximum access to academic advising. (10%)

3. Function: Provide Career Services for Student Athletes: assist in the development and implementation of career services programming; assist in the facilitation of resume building workshops; assist in the facilitation of mock interviews; assist student-athletes with finding internships and assist student-athletes in developing after college plans. (5%)

4. Function: Recruit, Select, Train and Supervise Student Mentors: recruit and select student athlete mentors and train and supervise student mentors. (5%)

5. Function: Continually Improve Academic Advising Skills and Practices: learn and implement best practices in Academic Advising; attend in house training sessions and meetings; read professional literature to stay current in the field; seek opportunities for continual professional development; assist in training and mentoring academic advisors and support staff; learn about legal issues in Academic Advising; develop the highest level of expertise in your specialized academic advising areas; develop high competence in general academic advising for student athletes and develop expertise in utilizing academic advising technology tools. (5%)

6. Function: Referrals/Outreach/Partnerships: assist Director processing summer school applications; meet with prospective student-athletes and their parents when they are on campus; assist Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services with semester 3.0 awards ceremony; assist with distributing and collecting textbooks; assist in graduation activities, including planning student-athlete graduation reception; attend events for assigned sports and student-athletes; serve as a liaison with the coaching staff for updates of academic progress; serve as a liaison between students and faculty/administration. Serve as a mediator to successfully resolve academic and other student-related issues; participates in outreach to prospective students and families during orientation, campus visits, recruitment events and individual meetings; work collaboratively with other campus resources and make referrals as appropriate; participate in events sponsored by assigned schools or departments; work closely with assigned academic departments and respective offices on developing academic policies to ensure consistency in academic decision making and assist with coordination and planning of student activities related to advising, new student orientation, commencement and other related programs. (5%)

7. Function: Committees and Work Standards: assist in staff selection and training; work with academic and career advising colleagues in a cooperative and productive manner to achieve the Academic and Career Advising Center goals and objectives; and adhere to professional work expectations by showing up and ready to work by 8:30 am or assigned time, completing assignments on time or early, being present at meetings at least five minutes before the start of the meeting, completing paperwork and correspondence on a daily basis, actively participating in discussions, providing solutions to problems, taking a proactive and creative approach to work, ensuring a positive and productive work environment. (5%)

8. Function: Other Duties: performs other duties as requested or required, whether or not specifically mentioned in this job description. (5%)

Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 1 year academic advising experience (or closely related experience) in an educational setting


  • High School Diploma/Equivalent
  • 7 years of academic advising experience (or closely related experience) in an educational setting

 Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities/Competencies:

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends during special events, as needed.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Effective time management skills.
  • Great attention to details.
  • Ability to process and easily reference policies and regulations.
  • Ability to work with Academic and Career Services student databases and other information technology and web programs.
  • Working knowledge of standard computer software such as office suite, email, etc. and ability to learn and utilize specific software necessary for academic and career advising practice.
  • Ability and desire for continuous improvement and learning academic and career advising best practices.
  • Ability to implement academic and career development practices.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire students.

Preferred Qualifications: 

 NCAA Related:

Ensures that all Department of Athletics and University related activities operate in full compliance with university, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations. Attends and participates in scheduled compliance seminars and complies with all the Athletic Department’s efforts to monitor compliance with NCAA regulations. Seeks interpretations from the compliance staff before acting when necessary. Reports potential rules violations immediately.  Completes required compliance paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. Monitors all of their areas and/or programs activities closely to maintain compliance with applicable rules and regulations. 

In order to be considered for this position, applicants are required to apply for IRC22973 via the Tulane University employment website (  The position will close on March 29, 2022.