St. Norbert Duke Man to Man Offense

Here is a man to man play that has a couple of options to get the ball to someone cutting to the basket. The 4 and 5 start on the wings, and the 2 and 3 start down low.

  1. First, the 4 and 5 set down screens for the 2 and 3 to cut to the wings. The players switch places.
  2. Then the 1 passes the ball to the the 2 on the right wing.
  3. The 1 sets a screen for the 3 on the left wing, and the 3 cuts to the top. The 4 also moves across the key to set a screen for the 5 on the left block. The 5 cuts off the screen to the right block looking for a pass.
  4. If the ball doesn’t get passed down low, the 2 passes it to the 3 at the top.
  5. Then the 4 and 5 set up screens for the 1 and 2. They cut to the hoop and the 3 can make a pass to either one.
  6. Another option is for the 5 to cut to the top of the key and get a pass from the 3. Then the 3 can follow his pass toward the hoop and get the ball going in for a layup.

St. Norbert Duke– man to man offense play animation

Any Thoughts, Coach?