Survived & Advanced – The Low Point of Every Sweet 16 Team’s Season

sweet 16Everything looks pretty rosy right now but there were days when even the most enthusiastic and optimistic of fans wondered about the fate of their favorite D1 school. What follows is a quick summary of each of the Sweet 16 teams low spots this past season. Among other factors, these teams survived injuries, illnesses, poor play, great play by opponents, hot shooting opponents, bad calls by officials, second-guessing by fans and the press, the rigors of tough schedules and the furnaces of conference tourneys and the NCAA sub-regionals.

  • Xavier- Barely made into the tournament after losing 4 of 5 games from January 10-24 and another six straight from Feb. 11 to March 1.
  • Wisconsin- Lost 5 of 6 from Feb. 12 to March 2.
  • South Carolina- Losses to Seton Hall and Clemson at home. Lost at mediocre Memphis by 16 and lost 6 of 9 from Feb 7 to March 10.
  • Michigan-Crushed by South Carolina 61-46. Loss home games to less than average Illinois and Ohio St.
  • Butler- Bad losses to Indiana St., St. John’s and Georgetown.
  • Oregon- 17 point loss (66-49) to Baylor in November. Losses to Georgetown and Colorado.
  • Purdue- Home loss to Minnesota and road losses at Iowa and Nebraska.
  • Baylor- 21 point loss to West Virginia, both home loss and early Big 12 tourney loss to Kansas St. and lost 3 of 4 games from Feb. 13 to Feb. 25.
  • West Virginia- Losses to Temple and Texas Tech.
  • Arizona- Early season losses to Butler and Gonzaga and a 27 point loss at Oregon on Feb. 4.
  • Florida- Two straight losses to Vanderbilt on March 4 and March 10.
  • Kansas- Opened season with OT loss to Indiana. Got crushed at West Virginia. Upset by TCU in Big 12 tourney.
  • North Carolina- Loss to Indiana in November and scored a meager 43 points in loss at Virginia.
  • Kentucky- Back to back losses to Tennessee and Kansas.
  • UCLA- Back to back losses at home to Arizona and at USC.
  • Gonzaga- Home loss to BYU.

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