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We are always looking for interesting content that would be valuable to our large and growing audience of serious basketball coaches.  If you have something to share, that is not a copy and paste job from another website, please feel free to submit below.

What are we looking for?

Well written articles or quality videos on anything that could make a coach better or their job easier.  For example:

  • Articles or Videos on Player Development – articles need to be at least 500 words.  More is better.
  • Drills – Team or Individual Skills
  • Plays – thoroughly explained and detailed plays, preferably diagrammed using Basketball Playbook
  • Clinics
  • New and Interesting Products
  • Things we don’t even know we like

The Deal

  • By submitting content you grant your consent to let us publish it. You also grant your consent to let us edit it for length, tone, and clarity.
  • We can’t publish everything.  Only high quality content that is valuable to coaches will be used.
  • To help make a name for yourself in the basketball world you can link to your Twitter account or YouTube channel if you are a personal trainer.
  • If you are a commercial business contact us and we can discuss other options
  • We won’t publish spammy stuff that is clearly written by SEO experts to try and get a quality link.  We know the game.

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