Y-Wing Screens Baseline Out of Bounds Play

Sometimes getting the ball safely inbounded in a position to set up the offense is more important than scoring off of an inbound play. This play has options to get the ball inside, but it is just as easily kicked outside and then to the top so the players can run their offense. The 4 starts in front of the inbounder with the 5 directly behind him. The 2 and 3 are on the left and right wings, respectively, and the 1 passes the ball in.

  1. First the 4 screens for the 2 to cut down to the left block. Then the 4 runs around the 5 to the right block. If these players are open, they can get the ball for an inside basket.
  2. Next, the 5 moves in front of the inbounder, and the 2 cuts back out to the left wing. The 3 moves to the top.
  3. The ball is passed in to the 2, and the 3 cuts down low to set a double screen with the 5.
  4. The 1 cuts through the double screen to the top and gets a pass from the 2. The 3 cuts to the right wing.

Y-Wing Screens– baseline out of bounds play animation

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