Youth Basketball Coach – Housing Included | Five-Star Sports

Five-Star Sports is a growing grassroots program for students seeking to better their basketball and soccer skills by learning from the best. Started in 2012, Five-Star Sports’ goal is to offer high-quality training to anyone interested. We currently boasts 2500+ students enrolled throughout 5 cities: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing. All training is taught by international coaches. Five-Star Sports offers it’s coaches a professional environment that fosters growth and love for the game. It’s the opportunity of a life-time to be able to develop skills and knowledge of the sport, learn from other coaches from around the world, and share their passion with China’s youth. Since housing and accommodations are provided and the cost of living in China is low, Five-Star Sports coaches have the unique ability to set money aside for the future all while traveling the world and experiencing life in a new culture.