Quick Tips for using Hoop Coach Playbook

  1. Add a new movement for every action in your play. For example, every time a player cuts or sets a screen make a new “movement”
  2. You can Rename the Movements by choosing a Movement and clicking the RENAME button. The new names will appear on your PDF.
  3. You can share your play using the social media and email icons on the right side of the screen.
  4. You can change the court to a half court in the lower right corner.
  5. To Delete: Double click the item you want to delete than click the recyle bin on the bottom
  6. Rate Plays: If a play is great rate it a 5. If it sucks – give it a 1! We will purge the bad plays occassionally
  7. Adjust the speed of your play next to the PLAY button
  8. Use TAGS if you make plays for each option of a play
  9. Share plays on Twitter, Facebook or via email to reach coaches and players

Also see Basketball Playbook Tutorial